New Netflix crime series stars say that aliens are really a dark story

If you are a good psychological thriller, keep your pulse running and see no further than the aliens. The latest Netflix crime solution is based on 10 episodes of Calebary’s award-winning novel – providing an undefeated, murder at the turn of the century.

Returning to the lower level of the “Gold Plating Age” in New York City, this story introduces the audience to Laszlo Kreizler (Daniel Brewer), an obsessed “alien” who is obsessed with the emerging field of “mental illness” and he holds The key murderer of the ritual kills the young boy.

Also investing in the dark are newspaper illustrators John Moore (Luke Evans) and Sara Howard (Dakota Fanning), the ambitious secretary who is determined to be the city’s first female police detective.

For these two actors, this is a complicated period – and the mode of thinking – in-depth study.

“New York City’s ‘Gold Plating Age’ means a lot of things,” Evans (38) said that he completed his research. “In addition to the wonderful wealth and industrial age, immigrants from all over the world have also fallen into extreme poverty and have integrated these immigrants into the small epiphany of New York’s Lower East Side.”

“There are no health regulations, no child labor laws,” continued The Girl On The Train star. “There has been extreme corruption… The sex industry is paralyzed in many different forms.

“I mean, we have some moments, aren’t we?” he asked, turning to his fan. “Sara and John have some scenes in an apartment where 20 people live. This is absolutely accurate.

“From screaming babies to grandparents who live on each other, it’s so real, so inner, so hot, so desperate, it’s almost like the history lesson we’re trying to tell stories.”

In these bleak colors, he added: “I mean, in the past few years, I did some dark things at work, but this is already very close to the top, it is not just dark, And it is so close to reality that it is so extreme. ”

“I was naturally attracted by the dark theme,” Fanning added (24). “But when we approach it, we find more than just these.

“The darkness, you become insensitive to it,” she reasoned. “I lost more in the world than usual.”

Did she investigate her own time?

“Okay, I usually don’t do research!” Fanning smiled. “I just used the story we were trying to tell, the script, and the world we created around this particular situation.

“Collection, costume, actor,” she elaborated. “You adapt to this time and find your own clothes, so it’s natural to get into the head space.”

However, the pursuit of a bodice is not something to be ridiculed. Flynn recalls that he emerged as a child on a large screen like my Sam and Upper City girls.

“I really fainted when I first shot it,” she said. “I used to pass through the corsets wholesale for other roles before, but [how] it changes how you sit, walk, move and breathe so amazingly.”

The TV series was shot in Budapest and photographed on a hot summer day.

“Some days we are doing a winter scene, sweat sweating down my legs under clothing,” said Dakota, who was born in the United States.

The Welshman Evans agreed: “Maybe the biggest challenge for the entire performing arts work is to stay calm because it is actually boiling.”

“Did you mention that someone should dress you?” he said to Fanning. “A gentleman and woman in a certain class of a certain way can only enter these clothes with help, so they all must have servants, maids or housekeepers. I can’t help without my clothes,” he meditates. “This is really interesting.”

“In addition, like women, this is another thing that you cannot do on your own,” Fanning added. “You have to wear these elaborate costumes to keep this woman look like.”

Like the costumes of the 19th century, the two were accustomed to new excavations in the Hungarian capital.

“This is my most intense thing – six and a half months away from Budapest,” Fanning said. He will also appear in Poster 8 this summer.

“But when I got there, it immediately disappeared. I met everyone. Within the first four weeks, we were in contact with each other, had dinner, and learned about each other’s life. This made our experience very interesting – we all left It came from home, so it protected us and became our community. ”

“We did everything and we will be the best guides ever,” Evans agreed. “We can tell you where to eat, what not to do, things you shouldn’t miss, things you shouldn’t tell, and our connection with the city is so fast.”

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