What Style of Women’s High Heels Will Be Popular in 2020

The high heeled shoe is significant with women since the shoe is part of fashion. A woman’s outfit is not complete until she wears a shoe to complement her dressing. The irony of it is that men first wore high heels. You can still find the type of high heel worn in the 16th century on the stand today; it is called a chopine. Those early-stage high heels have developed to today’s quality and high fashion heels with many shapes, heights, and styles.

Women's Band Tie Lace Up Block Heels
Women’s Band Tie Lace Up Block Heels

The general direction of today’s women has assisted fashion designers in producing even higher heels than what we have in history. Analysis has shown an instance of change in heels, and the reason women chose them. They make choices based on individual opinions, views, and likeness of a particular product or type.

Kitten Heel

What does kitten heel mean? It means a relatively low in the height of the heel, which is less than two inches. This exciting sexual desire heel style is chosen by some professional women who wish to have a polished and clean look but wants style together with comfort. A kitten heel can either be open toe or closed, with a full back heel or a strap sandal style. A popular and perfect choice for this spring is Mullen kitten. Choose from a large selection of pale or light colors or jewel tones with an upward slope or a sexy peep-toes.

Women's Kitten Heels with Pointed Toes
Women’s Kitten Heels with Pointed Toes


Another type with sexy cheap heel is pumps, which is generally broader with a low cut in the front; it is about two to three inches tall above the toe. The high-pitched sound pumps are just perfect; they allow viewers to sneak at your more giant toes, suggesting the rest of them. The classic style is the one the movie stars and everyday women around the world love to wear mostly in the closed-toe pumps. It applies to women of all ages. It is suitable for any formal evening event. The pump is one of the best heel shoes to invest in, and it will serve you for an extended time.

Women's Classic Patent Leather Pumps - 4
Women’s Classic Patent Leather Pumps – 4″ heels and Round Toes


Stilettos are the highest of them all, as it is about eight inches tall, and it is sexy. This forceful high rise makes it unique as it stays upright without being bent down in an unrefined fashion manner, but it will give you a super more prolonged effect on your legs.

Women's Peep Toe Cut Out Bootie Stilettos
Women’s Peep Toe Cut Out Bootie Stilettos
Women's 4.5
Women’s 4.5″ Stiletto Heels – Ankle Cuffs / Latched Straps

Stiletto is not too good for long-distance walking; rather, it will be a perfect and beautiful evening outfit.

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