Accessories have always been the product that completes the outfit we are going to create, making it somewhat more unique and particular. Among the most popular accessories there are certainly earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, all jewellery or bigotry stuff, or bags, belts and hair accessories, which are accessories much more useful to create a sort of harmony between all the colours of our outfit. Among the accessories that deserve a separate discourse we can find the sunglasses, the protagonist of this article.

Over the years, we have seen tons of models going into fashion, then disappear for a few years and reappear a few years later. Many times, I find the cycle of eyewear fashion very strange, as I often see my mother taking out glasses that she wore when she was young, precisely because they suddenly came back into fashion over time. Something really incredible I know, but lucky my mother who doesn’t have to buy trendy glasses every year, she already has them all!

But we are not all my mother, so we need to know what is going on regarding sunglasses for this summer season. Well, let’s go have a look immediately!

Squared And Oversized

Fendi - Tropical Shine - Occhiali da Sole Oversize Nero e Grigio - Occhiali da Sole - Fendi Eyewear
Fendi – Tropical Shine – Occhiali da Sole Oversize Nero e Grigio – Occhiali da Sole – Fendi Eyewear

You can find a lot of frames with many trendy colours, which I remind you to be especially pastel colours for this year. This pattern is very large, so avoid it if you have a face that is too small, favouring a smaller model. Perfect on any outfit and to take with you to the beach!


Black Square Sunglasses

We can pause for a moment to talk about mathematics and geometry, more precisely symmetries, where the only thing I understood, when I was studying mathematics in high school, is the fact that what is on one side is mirrored on the other side. But you know what? Choose the frame you prefer, rectangular, hexagonal or square: the effect will be spectacular!


Gucci Eyewear
cat eye sunglasses
Gucci Eyewearcat eye sunglasses

Who wouldn’t want to have cat eyes? I love this model, I think I have two in my collection! With its butterfly frame, this product manages to refresh even the simplest of outfits made from a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, giving this new life and you a lot of charm on tap!

Mask Sunglasses

Cutest and Stylish Sunglasses

Cutest and Stylish Sunglasses

A trend that should not be missed is the great return of the mask frames and the large dimensions. If you remember well, the mother of these sunglasses was Jennifer Lopez, who many years ago shot her music videos wearing this fantastic frame. Perfect for sporty outfits and with not too high style claims!

Return To Past Years


I already told you that my mother uses old frames, and so it is! The beauty of sunglasses is precisely this return to fashion as we said at the beginning, so with a pair of retro-style sunnies I am more than sure that you will not be mistaken in your purchase! Maybe choose colours like rose gold and gold so that you won’t regret it, especially in view of your tan!

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