Choosing sunglasses is not as easy as it seems. There are a few things like size, shape and color to look for and last but not least, UV protection.  Here’s a tip on picking the perfect pair for you.

Of course, sunglasses look great when worn but also keep in mind that they provide an important function. Look for sunglasses with a lens category of 2 or 3 that is effective in reducing glare and also offer a medium to a high level of protection. Polarised lenses will further reduce glare.

When choosing the shape of your sunglasses, always go with the opposite shape to your face. For example, if you have a square face, opt for rounded curvy frames. For round faces, look for square geometric frames. Those with heart-shaped faces are best suited to aviator or cat-eye styles. For oval faces, you can opt from any of the above.

The Sizing

An oversized frame on a petite face can look imbalanced while a small sunglass frame on a large face is unflattering. It is good to try on different styles to make sure the lens, bridge and length of the frame’s arm suit you and that it is comfortable to wear. The bigger the frame shapes, the better it can cover the eyes and the eye area.

Invest In The Classic Styles

As with most purchases, it pays to invest in a piece you will love for years instead of a fast fashion item that will be out of style the next season. Ray Ban’s Wayfarers and Aviators are unisex styles with enduring appeal. Choose tortoiseshell or plain black acetate frames that can complement most outfits.

Know The True Color

Although the lens color won’t affect the amount of UV protection, it will determine the types of activities and conditions the glasses are best suited to. Green tints are a great all-rounder and so are grey lenses that reduce the brightness of what you would see without distorting colors. Brown and amber tints enhance contrast and are perfect for unpredictable weather, as well as sports activities that require depth perception like tennis and golf. Rose-colored tints are said to be most comfortable for long periods of wear as they reduce eye strain and can improve road visibility. Try on a few pairs to help determine which tint type works best for you.

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