The interest in physical activities is a trend that does not stop growing in the world. For those who attend gyms or practice other sports, fitness clothing helps ensure good performance during exercise.

Generally manufactured with high-resistance materials to provide comfort and withstand the intense movements of activities, these pieces need special care so as not to lose their characteristics and last for much longer. However, you need to pay attention especially when washing, drying, and storing each one of them.

Follow the instructions on the label: All clothes come with labels and there they say basic care that their consumers should have with them, such as using iron, bleach, or things like that. Therefore, before washing, drying, or storing, it is important to check the label first.

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Hand wash or use a gentle cycle:

Although tough, the fabric of fitness clothing is often delicate. Therefore, it can be damaged in a machine wash. That way, hand washing or using the delicate cycle helps keep it looking new for longer.

If the garments are heavily sweaty. The ideal is to wash them immediately or wait for them to dry before placing them in the laundry basket. This prevents stains and odors from getting stuck.

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In order not to damage the elasticity, use protective bags or pillowcases when washing in the machine. It is worth noting that gym items should not be soaked or washed in hot water, as these cleaning operations can damage the fabric.

Do not wring your clothes: One of the most efficient ways to extend the useful life of a fitness garment is not to wring it, either by hand or in a machine. To remove excess water before putting it to dry, the ideal is to squeeze.

The washer spin step, therefore, should not be used. The fabric can lose its original structure due to the fibers that are broken during torsion, directly impacting durability.

Let it dry in the shade

Interestingly, fitness clothes don’t do very well in the heat. For this reason, both in sanitizing and drying the pieces must stay away from high temperatures. The best option for them to dry safely and without damaging their properties is in the shade.

After washing the pieces, they must be deposited in an airy place and stretched out on the clothesline. It is important to emphasize that the use of iron is also not indicated.

Yoga sets tend to be clothes that also require specific care. Since clothes for this activity are usually made with more elastic fabrics, care must be taken when the user hangs out the clothes so as not to use fasteners or accessories that could pull the thread or widen the garment so that it maintains a good fit and elasticity in the user’s body for much longer.

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The sports bra and shorts set will also need this care so that they do not stretch too much in the straps or even in the waist. Thus ensuring a better fit of the pieces on the user’s body for much longer.

When used, these pieces also require care so that they do not get caught in objects or accessories and end up pulling a thread or damaging the seam.

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By choosing exactly the clothes for the chosen activity and taking greater care when washing, drying and storing them, the consumer will be able to increase their durability and also manage to maintain the durability of the fabrics. The fabrics of this style of clothing are always very good but good maintenance and good care are also essential.

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