For those who practice physical exercises, or do yoga. For example, they are always looking for quality clothes to practice activities, but the best thing is to combine quality and style in the same outfit.

To conquer a fabulous appearance in your yoga class, the secret is to buy your yoga suits at Cosmolle. Because you will find style and quality in a single place. With eco-friendly products and recycled fabrics, aiming at the sustainability of fashion. Also To preserve the environment.

Short clothes for the gym

AirWear Sports Bra & Bike Shorts Set

This blue set is a great option for you who like shorter clothes for the gym. Even more so on hot days. Its fabric is super soft and has a buttery feel. It is very stretchy to perfectly conform to the curves of your body.

Another very important point is that the fabric is breathable and absorbs moisture very well. Which keeps you dry throughout the exercise. Nobody likes to get wet with sweat, right? It’s a very comfortable outfit that you’ll probably love!

Premium Seamless Square Neck Bra

Another really cool thing is you can buy separate parts, and put together incredible combinations! This bra above is very nice, in gray, and can be worn with the pants or shorts you want.

It has a square neckline, and is very traditional, which emphasizes the woman’s lap. It is also seamless, which makes it much more comfortable. It is a very beautiful and tasteful piece every woman will enjoy owning and wearing.

Long sleeve yoga clothes

AirWear Long Sleeve & High-Waist Legging Set

What cannot be missing are the long sleeve leggings set, as they are perfect for practicing yoga, among other activities as well. It is a great set to be used on colder days, or in rooms with air conditioning, as it has a top with long sleeves and long pants with a high waist.

In addition, you can combine a yoga set with other clothes, such as jackets, for example, and go elsewhere after the gym. With a sneaker and other accessories, you will be very well-groomed!

Premium Seamless Crossover Leggings

Another option is in Pastel Grey, from the same set, which is my favorite in particular. And looks great to be used not only at the gym, but for a trip to the mall, for example, or even to the cinema. It is a very comfortable garment, with high-quality fabric and eco-friendly technology.

And you can rest assured that in the store you will find several different sizes, for all body types! It will adjust perfectly to the shape of your body, enhancing your curves and modeling your body.

If you’ve never shopped at Cosmolle, take the opportunity to make your first purchase and get 10% OFF. And to buy it is very simple, just register, enter your data, and obviously your delivery address. Then choose the pieces you want to buy, and complete the purchase with your payment details.

 Don’t waste time, and take the opportunity to buy your new looks and look fabulous!

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