The V-neck is suitable for everyone: it gives light to the face, slims the neck, enhances the smallest décolleté and gives balance to the more prosperous ones. This is why it is important to have a V-neck sweater in the wardrobe.

Warm, soft and comfortable like a hug: this is how the sweater of my dreams must be. For this reason, I advise you to choose a good fabric, for a garment destined to be a basic wardrobe item and ready to last for many seasons. So, if you can, look for a cashmere, cashmere blend, or merino wool V-neck sweater. You will have greater comfort and it will last over time, with the right precautions. These fabrics are now available at affordable prices, for every wallet.

So let’s go see some advice on how to choose and use this garment. It is very fashionable this season. You will absolutely not be able to do without it, whatever the occasion!

What model to choose?

  1. If you have a narrow waist: choose it tight at the bottom. It will enhance your physical characteristics.
  2. If you have a wide waist: choose it with a fluid and not forcing shape. A tighter shape would highlight your blemish.
  3. If you have small breasts: choose light colors that optically “increase” the bust. You can also opt for a model with a slight curl at the breast.
  4. If you have a large bust: choose a dark color and a thin yarn. The model should preferably be without pockets and decorations, so as not to add volume in this area.
  5. In all cases, shapeless sweaters are prohibited, capable of taking away sensuality and beauty.

Useful tips

Since we are talking about a basic garment, proportions also matter. Choose a sweater with a maximum length to the hips. Even if in these years crop tops are in fashion, that is with navel length, they seem difficult to wear: if you have already bought them and want to increase the opportunities for use them, just wear them with a fluid fabric shirt underneath (like silk) or a lace tank top.

If you have small breasts, opt for a plunging neckline, which would be vulgar on prosperous breasts. Underneath, you can combine a silk or lace tank top, which can mischievously pop out of the sweater.

Coffee Plain Hollow-out V-neck Long Sleeve Loose Vintage Casual Pullover Sweater
Coffee Plain Hollow-out V-neck Long Sleeve Loose Vintage Casual Pullover Sweater

For the office

It is perfect if combined with a black pencil skirt, with cigarette trousers, with palazzo pants, with a suit, with pinstripes, with patterned garments. It is fine worn alone or with a shirt. With the pleated skirt, it immediately recalls the English college girls. With a pencil skirt of the same color and a scarf around the neck, it is very refined.

For free time

Wear it bare skin – weather permitting – and with leather pants or jeans. Wear a nice matching blazer on top and you will look perfect. For your hours of freedom, you can also choose an oversized shape, perhaps in a light yarn. You can also play with the layers. For example, you can wear a cashmere or wool tank top in a contrasting color under your soft sweater.

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