Let’s agree: isn’t it wonderful to have a list of hairstyles to do at home that are simple and practical? For those days when we are out of ideas to create cool hairstyles, these lists save the day! If you still don’t have a list to call yours, check out the inspirations we’ve prepared to help you maintain all your personality and authenticity on a daily basis. Let’s go?

The braid is a classic hairstyle, right? But not everyone has the practice of doing it alone or they don’t like those conventional braids very much. But, how about betting on the side braids? Doing the side braid is even simpler as we can watch the progress while it is done and it still adds a romantic touch to the look.

For a more laid-back look, you can, for example, loosen the braid a little, leaving it a bit messy and ensuring different styles with your outfit or where you want to be. With braids, you can also style different hairstyles, letting your imagination run wild to achieve the best results.

Braids are also ideal for those in hair transition, you know? Thus, it is possible to ensure healthy hair growth, while ensuring a lot of style with your braided hairstyles.

You can’t deny that making a topknot gives the hairstyle a very special look, right? Therefore, to “up” your bun, ponytail or even loose hair, the quiff is the ideal choice that will guarantee a more sophisticated and cool look, depending on your style.

Not to mention that the sophistication of the quiff allows you to stand out anywhere, always being well seen, and more: it can be done in any hair length. So, even for short hair hairstyles, the quiff is a great choice, see?

And here’s a golden tip: for the topknot to stay in place for a longer time, the secret is to invest in bobby pins and fixing products.

One of the great options is scrunchies, those wider bows, you know? It allows for a more modern, romantic and elegant tie to your hair. It can be found in different colors, ensuring perfect harmony with your hair and your look.

The scarf is also a great idea, which never goes out of style. In addition to stripping your hairstyle, it can be found in different models, sizes, colors and even stylized, which makes you look like the event you want to attend.

Ever heard of the pineapple bun? Among the top easy and quick hairstyles to do yourself, the pineapple bun is one of the most versatile and simple, not to mention it adds style to any look! The secret to this hairstyle is not to be afraid to bet on volume, as it will give the hairstyle a “pineapple” shape.

To go to school, college or to the club, this is a laid-back hairstyle, but it is still charming. You can do it in a few minutes and, if you want, it’s worth making waves in the strands to make it neater and with an interesting texture.

In addition to the options already mentioned, you can still bet on the obvious that are very well done on a daily basis, such as easy or traditional buns, double buns, low and high ponytails, half-up hairstyles and hairstyles with only one side attached. There’s no shortage of great options to give much more elegance and style to your curls and frizz.

Did you see? There are so many home hairstyle options for your hair that you can almost choose one for every day of the year without repeating! But note that your imagination can offer even more incredible results than the inspirations we’ve highlighted here. The important thing is that you feel able to do a hairstyle and feel beautiful with it!

Now, let’s test and rock!

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