There are many hair styles catered toward girls with long hair as well as those with short hair but what about good old medium-length? If you have medium hair length, you would know that it is sometimes rather frustrating trying to find ways to style it, especially in the morning when you are in a hurry. Most women go for their usual ponytail or just let the hair down.  Although we love these classic styles, wearing the same look can be boring. You can try to wear your hair up or down, create a range of different looks with it and implement some pretty fancy hairstyles quite easily but it is just finding that inspiration.   

You cannot go out of the door looking shabby even though you feel like hiding under your covers. Knowing what to do with your hair is a bit of a problem. Whether your medium-length hair is at a transitional stage in growing it out or it is just the cut you prefer, it is easy to get stuck in a medium-length rut. Well no worries because here is a list of gorgeous ways and easy hairstyles that you can sport without having to spend a lot of time perfecting them.  

Swept and Tousled

Well, who has not thought about rolling out of bed and heading out the door without the need to use the brush? With this tousled look, you can do just that. It is so simple, cool, casual but oh so striking for shoulder-length hair and very easy to copy especially if you have loose wave throughout. Just toss the hair a bit and add some gel to hair. Sweep the front across to create this cool side parting effect with a swooping fringe. 

Soft Curls With Bangs

To create this look, get your hair cut in some side-swept bangs and curl the lower half of your hair with a big barreled curler. The last step to finish off the look is by pinning back your front section of hair.

Half Up Bun

Mid-length cuts are the best for showing off a fashion-forward outfit and a cool half-bun. You can even use your favorite barrette, scrunchie, or clip, and pull back the very front section of your hair off your face and secure it. 

The Wet Look

The wet style looks even cooler when pair it with a shoulder-grazing cut. 

Low Ponytail

Many people think that the more effort you put into styling your hair, the better it looks. But the truth is that the hairstyles that take less than 5 minutes to do are the ones that look the best. For instance, this laidback low ponytail look. Half-up style does not have to mean super high. You can wear your medium-length hair half-pony low against the nape of your neck like below. Just part your hair at the side and pull half of the front hair back and tie it at the center to achieve this super simple yet effortless hair look.  Please click this link to get more fashion info:

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