Frida Kahlo’s artificial leg is one of the artist’s personal items and will be exhibited at a major new V&A exhibition.

The Mexican-born artist had to amputate his right leg after necrosis in 1953 and put on bright red boots to repair.

The exhibition named Frida Kahlo:Making Self Up will be the first time she has exhibited her clothes and items outside Mexico. The show is expected to become a popular summer blockbuster and will explore how one of the most reputed female artists in art history is shaping her own identity.

From personal collections discovered in 2004, Kahlo’s self-portraits and photographs taken by others will also be displayed in works of art, letters, jewelry, cosmetics, clothes and medicines.

Other notable items include the iconic monochrome eyebrow pencil she used to emphasize her, her favorite Revlon lipstick, and the eye-catching medical corsets wholesale she had to wear to wear polio.

V&A’s senior curator of fashion and co-curator of the Kahlo exhibition, Claire Wilcox, said that it will show how she built her identity as a “symbol of anti-culture and feminism.”

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