After doubling the wholesale target, malicious sales tripled

Something Wicked, the discerning lingerie brand, is experiencing unprecedented success after restarting this year with its wholesale corsets target doubled.

After the 2016 takeover by the Steff McGrath adventure boudoir brand, won in seven new listings, including the Coco de Mer and online fashion retailer Farfetch, in the past three months, sales quadrupled.

Evil things have also gained international renown and are now being sold in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria.

“Last year we made great achievements in the transformation of the site, creating video can be purchased as well as new and innovative product series has been the main driving force of our development. As long as we exceeded initial expectations, we are pleased that our market success. We Discussions are currently underway with John Lewis and were selected to showcase just a few of our products to eight buyers last week, “said McGrath.

Luxury underwear brands trying to lead consumers through the luxury of underwear and accessories passion and temptation.

All manufacturing continues to be held in Leeds and local designers, seamstresses and garment technicians have created three new collections.

“It’s our manufacturing process that sets us apart from our competitors.” From creativity to creativity, we make and demand everything in our studio. Unlike other brands, we outsource huge orders. We are proud to source the best quality materials from the UK. We know our clients; successful and confident women, hard working, desperately mantra, they want only the best, the most beautiful materials that are closest to their skin.

Wicked stuff will be unveiling its latest collection at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris in January of this year.

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