Exclusive Interview: Aubade Deputy General Manager Martina Brown

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For 60 years, Paris underwear brand Aubade has been committed to the development of luxury underwear, but it is a loyal small audience, almost entirely composed of French customers. However, when the brand launches the “Parlez-vous Aubade” event, all of this may change over time, inviting the international market to communicate with the brand.

After the internal adjustment, the French traditional brand Aubade has already turned its attention to the international market including Britain.

The luxury brand, celebrating its 60th anniversary, invited the trade press to Paris headquarters in November to introduce a new communications strategy and explain plans to bring its classic French lingerie to the rest of Europe.

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Since she joined the company two years ago, Martina Brown, the deputy general manager, has been dedicated to internationalizing the brand and started her program in 2017.

In an exclusive interview with Lingerie Insight, Brown explained: “Unfortunately, this small company has never really expanded to all other European markets, so we are now trying to do that at the grassroots level.

“We want to make this wonderful diamond that is created here, to let it know and to internationalize it.”

Ideally located in the first district of the First District, the Aubade Hotel is ideally located in the heart of the Bright City, and since 1958 has been dedicated to creating Parisian-inspired underwear collections thanks to the iconic half-cup bra.

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At this address, a team of more than 120 people, including designers, stylists, stylists, marketing managers, work in the same creative direction to unify the common values ​​of quality, elegance and naughty in a “French style.” stand up.

Brown said: “This is the 60th anniversary of our founding, but the company was actually founded in 1875. In the 19th century, all traditional French bustier manufacturers started using French laces.

Although Aubade did not work under the name at the time, these companies were founded by doctors as a manufacturer of wholesale sexy corsets and corsets until 1920. They were then sold to the Pasquier family until 1958, Son Claude Pasquier launched the Aubade brand in French lingerie.

“This is the foundation of the brand and I think that’s important because we are part of the history of the very famous French tights all over the world and all of these brands – Chantelle, Simone Pérèle and Lise Charmel – were released at the same time Each brand has its own direction. “Brown continues.

“We also have our own USP because we launched the first printing wholesale sexy corsets set in 1963. We are famous for developing prints every season because they are what we expect and we are also famous for the sixties and seventies We are still famous for them now. ”

From Aubade’s communication strategy and image, this label has come a long way since the 1960s and 1970s.

“We always had a very concrete way of communicating and it was a somewhat provocative and avant-garde turning point. The first movement featured men and women, men commented on her bras, and underwear was no longer hidden A woman.It really starts with a tempting side, “Brown said.

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“Odbad launched his first” Temptation Class “in 1992. During the movement, the image was always black and white, and his face was covered. This is the handwriting that we have saved for 25 years. Along with these images, there are A telling lesson, which is why the brand is so famous in France. ”

For twenty-five years, Aubade has been teaching the French market with the famous lesson Temptation in the French market, but the brand wants to muster its 60th anniversary.

In the new advertisement, lessons are replaced by emotional body language, evoking emotions and desires.

Brown explained: “The lessons of temptation are no longer modern, so we introduced the new” Parlez-vous Aubade? “Billboard Sport, Label #SpeakAubade.

“This is inviting customers to think about what it means to be Odbad, opening up a whole new world of communication to customers around the world,” she continued.

“In the coming years, Aubade will share its creative Parisian expertise with the rest of the world, and the campaign will spread French-style, high-quality materials and the essence of Parisian underwear beyond our borders.

As the movement progressed, Aubade has put forward three strategic pillars – resizing with larger cups and smaller backs; initiating permanent basic lines that reinforce luxury pornography; and innovating components and materials to modernize their collections , Improve comfort.

Brown said: “We have made a lot of progress.” We now range in size from 32-40E, 30-40F and 32-36G “.

“We’ve identified the brand’s most important value and I think what I did is contradictory to strengthen Obad’s” Frenchness. “This can be seen in our new concept design at the Rue Tronchet boutique in Paris, Brown continued. “And in the style of our products, these series of products are more refined and more refined.”

Aubade also recently hired public relations agencies to share that information with Europe and have the same role as Pierre Garnier, former international director of Vanity Fair Brands Europe (VFB), and Carol Johnson, past manager of VFB UK and Ireland.

“[Garnier] will be close to new customers and let us know outside of France, but he first needed them, so we had to wait until now, for example, Harrods was mostly based on basic work,” Brown said. “We are making progress, but allocation takes time.”

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