Good boots are a must-have for this cold season where you need to stay warm, dry but also fashionable. If you don’t know which boots to check out before shopping, keep on reading to find out something about the most trendy boots out there!

It’s clear that boots are something the most important when it comes to fashion items in Winter, besides jacket, of course. Good boots can ensure you will stay healthy because you will be dry in rain and snow and that you will also avoid seasonal flu. But, boots have become also a fashion trend instead just being there for protection from weather purposes.

Women go crazy over shoes in general so when Winter comes, you don’t need to wear ugly shoes. You can be fashionable and stay dry at the same time. Sounds a little bit unbelievable? Well, keep on reading because in this article there will be presented boots which will be really trendy in the upcoming year of 2022.

Combat boots

I’m not kidding because these boots are rising in popularity again. They are simple, adjustable to the width of your feet, they keep the feet (and the ankles) feeling warm. Simple fashion items like these ones will be really popular in the following year, fashion experts and bloggers say so. So, it’s the rise of combat boots again. But, this time, maybe we have learned better on how to style them without just staying in the comfort zone of our skinny years paired with these lovely boots.

Shinny boots

Any kind of leather shiny boots will literally rise and shine through the following season so consider getting them now. Shinny boots are great for Wintertime because they are statement pieces that grab people’s attention and it is really hard to do that in the fashion sense in the winter because everything seems so basic and dark. It doesn’t have to be like that.

You can even get shinny leather boots in some “crazy” colours and wear them as statement pieces which will make your everyday outfits rock!

Slouchy boots

Slouchy boots will be trendy in the following season – they are back and they have always been reserved for the brave ones in fashion industry. Slouchy boots with heels are there to make your outfits stand out from the crowd while their high quality material makes your feet feel warm and stay dry.

But, can you stand these type of really narrow heels? If you can, you will be a fashion icon in slouchy boots like these and any fashion policy would rate your outfit with ten out of ten! Oh, and of course, Instagram is going to be filled up with outfit photos with slouchy boots, so why don’t you become a trend setter and start early with your own outfits photos wearing beauties like these?

If you don’t find these ones practical enough for the everyday walks around the town, you can find flat slouchy boots. Previous category of shinny boots can also be found in many different shapes as flat boots, if you prefer flat boots.

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