It happens very often to be invited to a particular formal event, such as a wedding, a business event, a party or simply an important evening. In all these cases, it is not at all easy to decide what to wear to have a chic, refined and, precisely, formal outfit.

Black jumpsuit

Hexham Jumpsuit - Black
Hexham Jumpsuit – Black

If you don’t want to be daring but at the same time you want to be neither too elegant nor too little elegant, be sure not to go wrong with a rather simple black one-piece suit! It is only a question of finding the model that best suits your physicality: cropped trousers are forbidden if you are short, but the band around the waist is welcome if you have a rather narrow bust. The V-neck, then, represents great security! I also suggest always adding a touch of originality when wearing such a minimal garment, such as a necklace or a nice pair of high heels.

Long solid color dress

If you want to be elegant but don’t want an outfit that is too demanding, then along solid color dress can be the right compromise. Especially if you are afraid of no longer using an outfit with many details. With an antique pink dress like the one in the photo, then, you are always on the safe side. Because it can be worn both during the day and in the evening, simply by changing shoes and accessories. For an elegant look, I suggest adding a clutch and a pair of bright heels.

V-neck or slit

Okay, I understand that you want to be elegant, but maybe you also want all eyes to be on you because you will be the protagonist of the occasion or because there will be the person you like so much? Choose a soft, silky and chic fabric, but opt for a nice neckline or a nice slit!

Shirt, pants and heels

For an elegant and chic outfit, suitable for multiple occasions. Yyou can choose to combine a pair of trousers and a shirt. A classic outfit, which can be made more special with accessories! Naturally, a nice pair of pumps cannot be missing and, to keep up with the fashion times. You can opt for wide or bell-bottoms trousers. Do you want the ultimate in sophistication? Wear it all in black and white!

Tartan look

The classic Scottish checked pattern, tartan, is a must in every self-respecting autumn winter fashion season. A cheerful, colorful and versatile print that most of us love to madness! Tartan can also be worn on formal occasions: the secret is to choose a dominant color, to follow or to contrast with the colors of the accessories. As for shoes, heeled shoes are mandatory, which in this case will be the means to make the outfit elegant and not casual!

Red and black

Strong and devilish colors, these colors, when combined together, create a very gritty outfit.S such as a red dress and black shoes, ideal for energizing yourself when the days get shorter and there is a need for bright colors!

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