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4 Beautiful Underwear Trends Everyone Is Wearing This Year

Every year different pieces, fabrics, and colors appear that dominate the catwalks, shop windows, and closets around the world. And this year 2022 is already reflected in different niches of the textile industry, including the intimate fashion sector, where it is already possible to buy wholesale lingerie with the latest trends.

For those who work in this market, keeping an eye on what are the pieces of the moment helps to make the correct choices for the stock, after all, most consumers like to be up to date with the references and trends of the time.

And this year it surprised us with pieces with models that prioritize comfort, from basic to vibrant colors, details that make a difference in lingerie, and versatility to adapt the pieces to different everyday occasions.

Comfort remains high

Daily Comfort Adjustable Strap Wireless Bra

According to analysts from Worth Global Style Network (WGSN), the Covid-19 pandemic has become the biggest driver of change in recent years and this has caused habits and preferences to change since then. This factor also appears in underwear, which is now undoubtedly prioritizing comfort. After spending a lot of time secluded at home, comfortable lingerie has become a recurring item in women’s daily lives.

Comfort appears in the modeling of seamless lingerie and one of the models that stands out is the model above. The piece is comfortable, without wires, lashings, or cups, it can get more discreet or more elaborate versions. The bra is suitable for small breasts and, to ensure more support for larger breasts, it can be accompanied by bands under the bust and wider straps.

As they are classic pieces that value the body while ensuring comfort, the best comfortable bra may also appear on the rise next year.

  •  Vitality through colorful lingerie
AirWear Wireless Best Comfortable Bra

The symbology of colors is something recurrent in intimate fashion pieces, after all, many women believe that the tonality of lingerie can bring good energy at the turn of the year. In 2022, we have many colorful and vibrant catalogs on the market, bringing a sense of joy and vitality after dark times marked by the coronavirus.

And with the seamless pieces it was no different, we have pink, fluor blue, and so on. They can color not only underwear but also beachwear, indicating modernity. For more classic consumers, the traditional white, black and nude panties and bras should also be present, as they never go out of style.

  • Fabrics without textures and seams: sophistication and romanticism
AirWear Wireless Best Comfortable Bra

The seamless and textured fabrics are already stamped in intimate fashion catalogs and guarantee romanticism and femininity to the pieces. Next year the trend will continue, however, clothing will gain more ecological materials that refer to nature, through florals and other delicate motifs.

More neutral colors can also appear in panties and bras, accompanied by larger modeling so that all women have the most comfortable underwear.

  • Lingerie on display: a trend that is here to stay

In recent seasons, intimate fashion pieces have come out of the closets and invaded women’s streetwear. In 2022, the high versatility of lingerie remained in different models. Bodysuits, strappy bras, cropped bras and even seamless lingerie can become multifunctional pieces and help compose looks for different occasions.

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