Blush is like a ribbon to tie a gift together, it’s a necessity. It adds the right amount of color to your face, making you glow like a newborn baby. However, the frustration of getting the perfect amount of the rosy tint and balancing the amount of it is insane. One side will be overly pink and the other will look pale. This is why finding the right makeup stick is important for a perfect face of makeup. In this article, we will be exploring the top 3 best brands with amazing blushes that you must try!

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Best Blushes That Result To Easy Swipes:

  1. BonTon: BonTon’s blush sticks are hyped because of its easy applying method. This makeup stick gives a natural and colorful tint to your cheeks with just one swipe. The recipe of this product is smooth, creamy, and easy to blend, making it effortless to get a natural finish. BonTon has a variety of shades, making it uncomplicated to find your shade. Despite its high quality and amazing recipe, BonTon’s blush stick is reasonably priced! This makes it more accessible to the public, due to its price, quality, and functions.
  •  Shu Uemura: This brand’s name refers to luxury in the beauty industry and that makes sense as the company’s blush stick adds a bit of sophistication and class. The extraordinary stick of blush provides a seamless and easy swipe, making it famous amongst fashionistas. The brand is known for its dedication to making a product with excellent quality, as it uses premium ingredients that result in a silky smooth texture. Shu Uemura’s makeup tube not only has a natural finish but also offers long-lasting wear, making it ideal for most people. They also provide multiple ranges of shades, offering the perfect tint for each skin type. Though Shu Uemura’s blush stick is a bit pricey and expensive, it is an investment worth the price due to its insanely good quality.
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  • SHOOSHOO:  SHOOSHOO is the current rising star in the world of makeup, gaining attention due to its creative ideas. The brand is proud of its blush, as it provides the customers with all they want and more. This rosy tint brightens the face with just one effortless swipe, making the user achieve a perfect glow with zero effort. SHOOSHOO’s products are created with its major focus being on healthy ingredients that promote skin care while still maintaining color. This is the main reason why SHOOSHOO is so popular, due to their commitment to healthy beauty and not chemical beauty. Despite its overwhelmingly brilliant features like its natural ingredients and range of colors, SHOOSHOO has kept a reasonable price, balancing its quality and price.
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These brands are amazing in their aspect, each promoting its trait. Whether you prefer class, affordability, or natural products, one of these blush sticks will certainly pop out to you. We hope this article guided you in some way!

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