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Black Orchid Burlesque ZA introduces another “Browsing!” of Gender Bender, which showcases creative performances from your favorite burlesque and male performers. This upside-down night will be by Bawdy Banter’s own Queen Proff. DD Boobs, we promise you will laugh. So come and experience the world of DRAG and DRAB.

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“Sometimes I feel sexy in tight dresses and lipsticks. Sometimes I think buttons and ties are handsome. Sometimes I wear skirts, cheap wholesale corsets and cufflinks. I am a gender bender and I can bend the gender code to Adapt to my understanding of me!”

Our performers promote the expression of gender integration, fashion and human wonders through the expression of elaborate, charismatic, and often sarcastic forms of performing arts, and present topics that are generally considered taboo by general social standards.

What is gender bending?

“Gender torturer is a person who destroys or “bends” the expected gender role, and gender refraction is sometimes a form of social activism designed to eliminate strict gender roles and stigmatization stereotypes. Expectations of sexual behavior are assigned to social norms of this gender, and this rebellion may involve bisexuality in dress, decoration, behavior, and atypical gender roles.

Hour: Dahlhaus University Fashion Studies Course

For Jaya Ducharme, getting dressed does not mean wearing the latest fashion in the mall. Instead, students at Dalhousie University wear cheap wholesale corsets, long skirts and early eighteenth-century clothes (of course, she sews her clothes).

Ducharme explains: “cheap wholesale corsets are my main interest, because I’m really rare.” Their construction was the most complex of the nineteenth century when they did find the drafting of the patterns and how they were shaped to be physically created A beautiful form.

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Ducharme has been sewing his own clothes since the age of 14. As a student at the Dalhousie Clothing Research Program, she is able to combine her passion for sewing and tailoring with her desire to learn about the history of the world.

Apparel learning courses recruit about 20 students a year, is a true combination of history and fashion, combining research and academic skills with practical construction techniques. The course includes theater history and basic sewing skills. For four years, students learn how to sew a button onto how to make a custom suit. In their fourth and final year, students took a huge class in historical costume aesthetics. From 1881 to 1886, Ducharme’s class chose a particular time frame and students chose the fashion print of that era. Then, each classmate must completely copy the women’s clothes in the selected image underwear.

“This year we’re doing a corset and the first semester,” Ducharme said. “After Christmas, we’ll be changing clothes, clothes under clothes, and then wearing the clothes.”

This is a year-long career and needs patience.

But this is just one aspect of the clothing research curriculum. The show is also part of the Fountain Performing Arts Academy, which produces four plays and a drama for students every year.

Anneke Henderson, a professor of the project, said the speed at which theaters work is quite different. In these classes, students create costumes for the stage, the cloth can be moved, and elements designed for quick change. As the costumes are worn by classmates in the performing arts shows, costume study students have live models available for use.

Henderson said: “(Students) working hours are very tense.” “It’s exciting. It’s busy, but we do it every five weeks … and we’re starting from scratch.”

Although the history and theater projects are time-consuming and have many discerning details, Henderson said students are proud of the work they have done.

“It’s a hard job and in many cases slow, because you’re working on it and it takes a lot of energy.” But I think the level of satisfaction you’ve created is so great that All this does not matter. ”

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Professor Henderson teaches modern and historical tailoring techniques that are useful no matter what kind of careers a student plans. The professor said graduates, as tailors and restoration workers in the film industry, have even introduced their lessons from the curriculum to their own fashion world.

After she graduated in spring, Ducharme planned a famous tailor apprentice in the UK so she could learn more about making “peculiar things.”

“I like cheap wholesale corsets and pretty dances, so for a long time I thought I wanted to make a drama or movie, but after doing some dramas I found that kind of work also included peasant clothes that I was not interested in “Said Dukum with a smile.

Although complex techniques are required during the project, Ducharme said interested students do not need to have previous experience. All potential applicants need strong professional ethics and an interest in fashion and history. “(Fashion) is the story of people and society,” Dutcham said. “All this is reflected in the clothing.”

Wine lingerie heritage fundraising event on display

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The Corsetiere, a Vancouver-based hand-made lingerie shipped around the world, will hold a Heritage Association fundraiser next week in Coquitlam.

Melanie Talkington at Lace Embrace Inc. will bring her underwear from the 1920s series to match the Rising Hemlines: Exploring the 1920s Fashion at the Mackin House Museum, It ended on April 7.

Coquitlam Heritage Society exhibits include clothing by fashion historian Ivan Sayers, who met for the first time at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 1995. The Calgary natives later modeled his costumes on a variety of fashion shows and continues to do so today.

In her February 13 speech, Talkington will show off her retro bras, panties, cheap wholesale corsets, pajamas and “bust straps,” which may be limited today “when women are very free” She pointed out the lack of garter and other boudoir appliances and beauty.

Some of her earlier collections date back to 1820 and are on display at the Louvre in Paris and New York City.

Today, Talkington opened a store on East 16th Avenue in 2003, specializing in vintage knitwear and back support garments for people with medical conditions.

Last week, she was making a Wonder Woman costume from the 1970s. She said: “These orders no longer shock me, but also create great fun.

Among her clients are Burlesque’s stars Dita von Teese and Cathe Jung, who have the smallest waistline in the world.

Flexible combination: hard and soft at the same time

Instead of welding, riveting or using screws, the components are now preferably bonded in order to connect the components to one another. This makes cars, airplanes and agricultural machines lighter. However, the requirements for adhesives are high: they must be flexible enough to compensate for stress spikes in the bonding area while still providing a rigid connection at the surface. Fraunhofer researchers have now developed the “MetAK” adhesive that is both hard and soft.

Roland Klein, Ph.D., co-developer of the Fraunhofer Institute for Durability and System Reliability at Fraunhofer, explains: “MetAK is comparable to the common two-component adhesives in hardware stores with only more of the components being mixed together. The production is simple because the components do not need to be carefully synthesized in the laboratory; they are commercially available. “The exact formula is our secret,” Klein said.

Hardness can be adjusted separately

The stiffness of the initial viscous material based on synthetic resin can be determined by two hardening mechanisms: UV irradiation and heat. “Areas that should be kept flexible are not irradiated, but rather heat treated to cure them, preferably in conjunction with the radiating areas to form a network whose consistency is rubbery – ideal for dynamic loading, as occurs in a car In this case, the joint zone is particularly exposed to high stress spikes and vibrations – even problems that must be faced by the construction of bonded aircraft parts, wind turbines or trains.

“The beauty of MetAK is that it’s very rigid and easy to adjust, eliminating the need for many different adhesives with different hardness levels, giving you the flexibility to adjust and compensate for the frequency range of vibration. The longer and more intense the UV light, the harder the material. After the final heat treatment with the radiant heater, or in an oven of 100 to 180 degrees (depending on the application) MetAK no longer deforms and the chemical reaction is complete.

Ideal plastic surgery applications

Not only can MetAK be used as an adhesive, it can also be cast into a specific shape. Radiation and heat can then be used to create hard-to-soft regions of flow transitions – for example, attractive for orthopedic applications. Tim Bastian Klaus, a Klein colleague, is working on a Metak cheap wholesale corsets that supports the spine in patients with deformity scoliosis in the right spot, but with the flexibility to yield In other parts. This will help to avoid painful stress points and increase wearing comfort. In addition, MetAK can produce personalized, modernly designed bras and has a permeable structure – important criteria for determining the frequency of wear and therefore the success of the treatment for patients, primarily adolescents. Together with design student Anja Lietzau, Claus won the 2017 Fraunhofer Creative Competition for his thoughts. Klaus said: “This material can also be used for other plastic surgery applications, such as orthopedic shoes or prosthetics.

Co Down down jacket corset reshapes the world’s women

If your Christmas and New Year celebrations are a bit too much and you now find that your clothes are pinching, the clothing developed by two Co Down women may just be what you need.

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Best friend, current business associate Angela Hunter, and Nicola McIlhagger from Holywood created a new “mother’s helper” with their Cinch cheap wholesale corsets brand.

The bustier is designed to tighten the waist, flatten the belly, smooth your silhouette and wear more comfort than a traditional corset.

Since her launch three years ago, Miss Britain Miss Gemma Garrett, fitness blogger Tiffany Brien and radio Emma Louise Johnston, Thousands of women and few men all over Ireland, the UK, and beyond are recognizing this.

Allegedly, cheap wholesale corsets can also help to lose weight, if the daily wear to reduce the waistline, because they help keep the waist smaller size, while supporting the back muscles.

Former GMTV reporter Emma Louise claimed that she had dropped three inches in waist circumference and was pregnant in the arms of three children after she wears a corset for six weeks from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Waist circumference.

Like many other inventions, cheap wholesale corsets were born out of need – especially in Angela’s case, Angela could not escape her “mother’s belly” after the second child was born.

She said: “I know I need some extra help and ordered a cheap bra version online.

“When I put it on, I look amazing, just once washed, I cut into pieces and decomposition.

“I took it to Nicola’s house and she felt it was great, but we were not impressed with the quality.What do we think if the bra can be made as comfortable?

Nicholas added: “One day we decided to make it ourselves, and when we started to look at what we could do, there was no such thing on the market.

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“In the ideal world, cheap wholesale corsets were made here, but we tried more than thirty different places and could not make it.

Women want a luxurious corset that does not hurt the skin, and after three months of fine-tuning the design, it was eventually made in China.

They are satisfied with the quality of the clothing.

Nikolai said: “Comfort is our greatest wish list.

“If not comfortable, even if the effect is great, it will not wear, so it must also be durable and affordable.

“Our corset wraps everything and basically makes you look more like a stone lighter, and that’s exactly what our customers love.”

Corset is black or naked, sitting under the bust, went to the woman’s underwear line. They have a latex core, fastened with hooks and eyes, and have three width settings, allowing the wearer to gradually tighten the waist.

Each of Angela and Nicholas initially invested £ 1,000 in preparation for a corset sale at a retail price of £ 59.99.

Now they are selling them to the end of the United States through their website and a whole series of dealers on the island.

Angela, another public relations consultant (37), and two children, Matthew (7) and Heidi (4).

She’s a real model, and they show corset effects on the site.

Angela said: “Nicholas is very lucky, because she is always pruned, do not need a corset.

“Even with my daughter Heidi, I still sometimes feel that I look really bloated, I can not get rid of my mother’s stomach.

“For years I had only eaten what I wanted without any problems, but when I had a child, I had nothing to divert to my stomach.

“Now I wear my clothes to wear my cheap wholesale corsets most of the time, which gives me confidence to enhance, I think many women will be grateful.

Nicola (41) is the mother of Nina (7) and also works full time as a mortgage consultant.

She said: “The benefit of our corset is that it opens your wardrobe for you because we all have the clothes and we can no longer adapt.

“In the future big days, they are very much welcomed by the bride and mother, or any woman with special events will come in. Some new mothers like to wear them after the baby to help restore their body shape.

“But we found that they liked women who thought they had lost their waistband.

cheap wholesale corsets

“Although corsets have the result of waist training, we always tell our customers that they will not hurt their body as long as they are wearing the right size.

“We recommend just listening to your body and, if you do not feel well, take it off and try again the next day.”

Last September, partners opened Cinch Clinic at Highwood High Street as their client’s needs now offer a range of lipid-lowering treatments such as Crylipolysis and cellulite to reduce stubborn fat areas around thighs and most women hate .

Will these friends be able to keep up with Cinch Corsets requirements in the coming years?

Angela acknowledged: “In the past few years, both of us needed to deal with a lot of things, but we had Kim Donaghy who had a clinic for us and did all the healing.

“We are excited to find something for common development. Women seem to like the thank-you cards from our customers and tell us that our cheap wholesale corsets have changed their lives.

The secret, scandal of the Victorian star Margaret Clunie and a very bold Duchess

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Before tomorrow’s special, Victoria actress MARGARET CLUNIE revealed what confused her on-screen lover and why she was placed in boarding school how she estimated Prince Albert and his queen affected today’s young royal family

I can scarcely recognize her little son. I am looking at actress Margaret Clunie, who portrayed in the famous ITV episode “Victoria”, a real woman, the Duchess of Sutherland, Harriet ).

When 30-year-old Margaret was showing her “Spaniel Hair” (her words, not mine), she replied sadly: “The dreadlocks were caught in the middle and they tried my hardest in the first series The hair curls directly in the second series They say: “We give up – this year, the clip. ”

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Duchess playing can be a love of labor. Wearing a cheap wholesale corsets is terrible. They are so limited. Now I see why women were described as “hysterical” at the time: it was because they could not breathe or eat!

But Margaret, a graduate of the University of Oxford School of Theater, came from Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, where he met the challenge. She is a brunet girl who will brunette, and she has a fierce gaze – she has taken full advantage of the dull Duchess identity – but it’s easy and it’s a tendency to explode.cheap wholesale corsets

She likes to play the role of Harriet, Harriet will be tomorrow’s much-anticipated Christmas special debut. The drama was a warm welcome, attracting about five million viewers, the first episode overtaking the BBC’s Poldark over the coveted Sunday night.

Writer / producer Daisy Goodwin’s work occurred in the 1840s – early in the reign of Queen Victoria – and chronicles the personal and political aspects of the young queen, her husband, Prince Albert, and her courtroom Tribulation, Margaret’s character is an integral part.

As the queen’s robe mistress – “roughly translates as the person who picks her jewelery and is responsible for waiting for her ladies like the 19th-century Google Calendar version -” Harriet “basically” her right-hander ” .cheap wholesale corsets

Margaret acknowledged there was an “unsure grasp” of this period of history. “I think I learned these things in school at the age of eleven.

She already knows her knowledge. “I had hoped to be a Victorian era – living at a slower pace, and the lack of social media would be happier, and I love writing.

Moreover, the high charisma of this era: everything is an occasion where people really work hard; now, if you’re going out, just wear jeans and the words say you’re ten minutes late.

She especially likes to “study” the Duchess’s personality – “the natural power and lifelong friend of a super-charismatic queen; she approaches [Prime Minister] Gladstone, runs a diplomat and lives in a beautiful home.

Harriet was enthusiastically sought after by the audience. Her screen appeal was the romantic imprisonment “a bad boy with a golden heart” between her and Prince Albert’s brother Ernest.cheap wholesale corsets

In my opinion, this gloomy relationship made the play so tight. Marguerite can see the naughty Ernest attraction, and the more serious Prince Albert it? ‘complete! I’ll go find that bad boy every time – they’re the most exciting, “she said with a smile.” I think if you’re a charming person, you’re going far.

The relationship between Harriet and Ernest stayed behind at the end of the second series: she escaped from the courtroom, eschewed an attractive passion and returned to the Duchess of Sutherland as a widow – on horseback The accident killed.

Ernest plans to propose to her until he finds he finds the already recovered syphilis (containing mercury vapor) has come back, so he dumped her.

Margaret said: “I really feel Harriet.” “Her marriage was not satisfactory, but she had to stick with it (though her appeal to Ernest was enough for Albert Prince and others noticed).cheap wholesale corsets

She dared to pursue happiness, which is a shameless concept of a woman in Queen Victoria. It’s hard not to think before the duke dies, “just divorce him.” We’re so lucky to live in an era that allows you to change.

This tangled romance will unfold on the special Christmas center stage, and the plot continues for six months from where we left. Marguerite Be careful not to reveal too much.

She said: “From the Victorian Christmas you will get everything: skating, many children and the most beautiful trees, eight huge, all decorated with fine handmade ornaments; there is an amazing scene where they made a big reveal”.

(This is the only option because Victoria and Albert are considered to be popularizing the Christmas tree tradition as well as other holiday styles.)

However, there are some things that tell me that this episode will not be all fun. Marguerite nodded. “There was a little bit of joy and sadness, poor Harriet had a pretty Christmas, and she was ashamed, heartbroken and annoyed at Ernest, it was full, and they were a bit funny, but even then, It is also important for the physical aspects of a relationship – and he has syphilis, so it will be difficult.

Margaret acknowledged that this love story may only loosely based on historical facts. “I’m not sure exactly what happened and how many times they met.” But she thinks Goodwin’s storyline is genius.

“Every show needs the romance of a scandal. The slow, forbidden love is very interesting for the movie. Everything is self-evident. There are so many subtle lines of yummy. People used to communicate that they can not touch Wrist to express feelings.Now, everything is so low-key, everything is playing on social media.There is such a seductive thing, when it was under the surface of it.My favorite scene is Ha Li Ya Te is practicing archery, and Ernest to come, she delicately moved her hips, is said to be to help her.This is too sexy.

Margaret also admitted: “We had a fake piano, pressed the keys but no sound came out, thank God, because I never went one step further.

Outside the screen, Margaret has a close friendship with the actor David Oakes, who plays Ernest. “He’s cute, and three years ago we worked together with Endeavor, a detective drama and the prequel to the popular Mauser Rangers series.” When I got a part of Ernest I got out, He called to tell me that I was very excited.

A very pleasant atmosphere between actors, shooting six months a year in Yorkshire. “We lived in a lovely hotel in Harrogate and had a hangar nearby. It was like the boarding school hotel lobby was our communal lounge.” (Margaret attended an independent girls’ school and she ended up Boarded this school in a year.)

“I love it, and now I’ve experienced this experience again. We have good restaurants and Turkish baths, and we go in free time, although most of the time we just sit by and drink endless tea and coffee.

Jenna Coleman, who plays Victoria, is “cute,” always with delicious snacks, which makes her very popular in restaurants. She is petite – and I’m tall – so we made a funny couple. My dad first saw me in the show, and he asked me why I stood in a box. I’m not – I just stand next to Jenna.

She insisted that acting as Prince Albert’s actor Tom Hughes is Jenna’s real-life boyfriend, which has nothing to do with his self-change on the screen. “Albert is serious and intense, but Tom is bustling.” She praised Rufus Sewell, Sir Melbourne. “By observing him, you learned a lot – he can portray the mood by twitching the corner of his mouth.

And Diana Rigg (Duchess of Buccleuch) is “brilliant.” She recited random poetry, told us everything, and then said: “You’re welcome, my dear.” Nel Hudson, a Skater who plays Victoria’s dresser, is already a “good friend” for theater schools. “We talk to each other constantly when we do not make movies – we have a very active WhatsApp team.

The episode is also full of pranks; in a noteworthy episode where the Victoriaians dealt with the plague, 25 live mice were set aside, and one clown started to rumor that only 24 were finally caught. “For days, I was dreaming of their terrible nightmare and I was thankful that this was a big lie and some people thought it was interesting.

Like Victoria and Albert, Marguerite was happily married, and in December last year she married her nine-year-old musician Tom Bull. This is a Christmas-themed London wedding. She wore a shining thread to wear on her shoulder, tailored to her by fashion brand Eponine.

“I’m totally concerned about how Victoria and Albert are in love,” she rushed out. “Nobody tells you what pleasure you got when you returned home from your honeymoon, but when Victoria was not able to leave Albert, Margaret had not found a timetable for her filming, a problem. As a creative talent , Tom “got it,” and most of the weekend she returned to home in southern London.

FaceTime is the key. We very much support each other. Neither of us have done nine or five times, so this is our norm. If Tom’s band had a show on Saturday night, I would think, “Great, I can go out and play with the girls.”

When they are together, they “go to create something interesting,” such as going to the theater and theater to cook together. “I’m working through the River Cafe Cook Book and my next goal is to make homemade pasta.”

On her recent 30th birthday, Tom treated her at Cliveden, the famous country house hotel the famous Duchess of Sutherland lived in. “We lived in Sutherland Suites and they made us fuss over it and it was so devastating that the restaurant had a fine Harriet painting.

Marguerite has a happy, direct upbringing. She has an elder sister Alex, who works in the art world – “she made stunning lighting fixtures” – though neither of her parents was creative. “I do not know where our passion for art and drama comes from, and I can not say they are encouraging, though they are very proud. My father retired – he was an adviser and his mother was a medical secretary.” As a kid, Margaret was always In all school plays and choirs “.

After graduating from Newcastle University, she applied for the Academy of Drama, the rest of the history – though not easy. “I have so much work – waiters, retailers … I will receive a small portion of the TV and think I did it, and then pass in a year.

Then Victoria came. “It was a major breakthrough for me and I’m really lucky to have been in both series.” Marguerite also wanted to turn her hand into a comedy again, one of her earliest jobs being in “The Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories, “in the revolutionary Russia with Daniel Radcliffe and Crazy Man John Hamm” I was completely overwhelmed by both of them, but they were very kind, Helpful.

She dreamed of performing Shakespeare on the stage. However, now Victoria’s third series is at the top of her list of wishes (viewers will also take root).

As a man who plays her name in the royal drama, what does she think of our current royal family members?

“Can I really like them?” She asked shyly. “I think they’re sad.You can not say a bad word to the Queen – a country where a 90-year-old woman devoted her life to her – I also have a lot of respect for the new generation of young royals and the way they choose them. Partners such as Prince Harry and Megan Markel I know it was a long time ago, but I wonder if this kind of conversion of mind started with the marriage of Victoria and Albert as well as their famous love – who should get married Who can make you happy

It remains to be seen whether the Duchess of Sutherland at Christmas will be happy this year, but I have no doubt that, as Margaret had left with a perfect straight hair figure, the lady who played her Also have rich experience.

I heard that “waist training”? Mariel de Leon and Kardashian do it look sexy!

When Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian began to crazily tighten these tight corsets around their belly, suddenly “waist training” was all the rage.
This trend of Filipino women has always existed. For example: Our own Miss International Philippines 2017, Mariel de Leon, proudly showed her on this Insta picture before her competition on November 15 last year.
Although we can not deny that both Mariel and Kardashian’s sisters are “sexy,” the real question is whether waist training is really effective? This process may be too stressful and uncomfortable for others, to be honest, our organs just look at the girls crying for help. Label #firstworldproblems!

We have done some research on this matter, here is what we found.

The media’s desire for a small waist is very prominent. If you watch the 1920s historic television series Downton Abbey, you’ll recall scenes, ladies wearing steel bodysuits as underwear.

Of those 92,364,293 times those who wept for the Titanic, of course you’ll remember that Rose must listen to her mother (Frances Fisher) criticize her relationship with Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) while having her Corset’s special scene.

cheap wholesale corsets already exist since 1500. But Kardashian and Mariel’s movements differed from those of medieval or Victorian women. Anyone interested in waist training is important.

As Orchard Corset explains, the rebar corset is made of strong, elastic fabric and a bendable bar that tightens your torso into a sexy hourglass shape over time. Depending on the amount of fat in your belly, this type of corset can take anywhere from three to six inches. Moreover, the corset is adjustable. Think of them as curly braces (but with your waist instead of your teeth).

On the other hand, waist trainers are usually made of nylon, spandex or latex. They aim at the abdomen and can trim one or two inches of your waistline look. They are also considered to be more comfortable and smaller than their steel structures.

Here’s the bad news: Jennifer Wider says there is no scientific evidence that lumbar training is a permanent solution to the ideal curve shape. Health experts like her think that once you take off your clothes, your body will return to normal, and all the compressed fat will fall back to its original position. In other words, a waist trainer is a safe alternative to a corset.

But (if you do, do not just love it), they have their benefits! Like some girls will never see high heels, others choose to run marathons, you can let the waist trainer work for you. When worn correctly, anyone can sleep and even exercise! In addition, they relieve pain and provide support for back injuries.

The holiday is coming. Things like a lumbar trainer will surely help you slip into the piece of clothing where you save your next party. But the effect may not continue into the new year.

Tell us, ladies. What do you think of them?

Trixie Mattel is for men (and women and children)

You can eliminate it from RuPaul’s Drag Race or destroy it twice with Trixie Mattel – but it will not stop the success of a heroine. Trixie Mattel is part of a sport as a lively YouTube series unfolds at Viceland, proving that dragging is more than just a niche’s curiosity. This is everyone’s entertainment.

Trixie Mattel’s hair is a satin-lined platinum candy mountain. Her sharp cheek contours split her face in half, gradually becoming the edge of the lips, into the dim twin peaks. The original eyebrows arched upwards, almost reaching her hairline, threatening to hit the clouds. Her breasts are like two mountains. Trixie’s clothes are pink, sometimes pink, but never black or even navy. Her eyes were not blue, because she said blue eyes would not “follow all sorts of looks.” (Take the Aryan Nation as an example) Her body is an extremely curved hourglass that measures the elapsed polishing time. Her nails are mountains, I’m kidding! They are delicate claws. Trixie’s style is Barbie, but with a very unrealistic beauty standards. Her fabric foam. There’s a Coors Light logo on her gray baseball cap – and so on, it’s a gentleman’s baseball cap. Now Trixie Mattel is a gentleman.
Brian Firkus-Trixie Mattel met me during his working hours in a French restaurant in the border of Brooklyn too French to clarify the life back in 2017 as a daily celebrity queen. Despite the stifling political climate, the resistance we had to live in a jazz era and the sudden success of Firkus were the product of prosperity: for two years he had co-chaired from the gay bar in the Midwest, dragging a nationwide Sex TV shows, it’s tonight at Viceland’s third episode. To make the leap forward, it’s like you’ve done whatever you’ve done, and two years later it co-hosts a national television show that broadcast its third episode later tonight.

As an entertainer at the Trixie & Katya Show, Trixie Mattel is a dazzling neon sign that sells ads on hot dogs in hell, but Firkus is a quiet, quick thinker. The first thing he did was sit down and politely put forward a series of technical questions about the digital recorder microphone properties that I brought – I could not answer the question, but it turned out he was. He provided an overview of the various shapes of the standard microphone pickup pattern in a sound that would not wake the newborn. When I asked him how he knew the mechanics of personal audio devices very much, he seemed shy or simply fooled by what he considered the obvious answer. He winked wide open. “Just from sound and life,” he said after a while. Then he added: “When I started traveling, I learned a lot about the microphones because I had to learn how to microphones.”
Firkus and his collaborator Brian McCook met Ruqia’s seventh race of RuPaul’s Drag Race in their other capacities (he was Trixie Mattel; McCook as Katya Zamolodchikova). Both are fans’ favorite – Katie, her sense of humor and the cut glass skeleton; Trixie has her crazy cartoon look and dry, wet wit. (“Trixie looks like-” McCook starts to tell me over the phone with excitement and then stops. “- I do not even know; I’ve lost contact with the reality, so I do not even know she’s in a world of dragging She’s crazy for the looks of ordinary people! “) Katya lost the competition. Trixie was even more unsuccessful as she was frantically delighted by the incomprehensible boundaries of RuPaul’s Drag Race and was eliminated twice. But do not cry for the movie’s public defeat: In the defeat, Trixie and Katya designed a golden future for themselves and created a series of entertainment for the American public. Step One: Shoot them talking to each other and put the video on YouTube. The Next Step: No need, because the results they achieved in the first step are so stunning, dazzling, slurred speechless and unimproved. Who will predict Wayne’s spiritual successor to the world to be chaired by two stunning Bryants in the negative space?
“I’m not dressed as a woman, I’m dressed as a comic woman comic.
“This is the way we both do some patching work,” says Firkus, which is almost the most interesting thing I’ve ever seen in my life, that is UNHhhh, he and YouTube on the series he and McCook start Trixie and Katya follow They eliminate the drag race. Since spring 2016, the two have broadcast 66 UNHhhh digital episodes. The business was so successful that Viceland stepped in to turn the series into a real TV show.

UNHhhh can be consumed like a packet of crisps: each installment focuses on a single topic (“weeping,” “traveling,” “space”) and most of the time is less than 10 minutes. The plot has never dragged on, because there is no plot. The settings are always the same: Trixie and Katya are sitting in front of the green screen facing the camera, arguing, telling stories, alley distortions, and sometimes beginning to form a description of the illusionary sequence behind and around them until Trixie and Katya are dreaming The participants are completely included among them. Its pace is not only light but sudden. Disastrous. Katya and Trixie evoked the espresso spirit of two crazy news anchors, spending all their talk time on a personal chat and never reading traffic reports. Talk shows are less than thought shows and ideas are quickly loosened.

Firkus said: “We are all very scared (on Drag Race).” On YouTube, we took the courage to joking some of the jokes that were really weird and weird.
“I’m sorry,” McCook said on our phone. “I have to go see a magician for lunch.”

Contribution to fanatical weirdness: None is pre-written.
Firkus added: “You feel really funny when you’re dragging.” You should not think you have a ball, but you feel like you have a ball, you feel like a ball-bearing woman, and improvisation is thrown Out of the advice and [behave like] the present truth and run it. ] Suspicious suspense, a human-filled room, knowing it’s not a woman, but all of us, including performers, at the same time pretending to be the fact now.
Despite the change of name, the Trixie & Katya Show has the intent and purpose of UNHhhh. For Viceland, the show has been extended for some time (22 minutes on TV), but the footage is still short-lived and is always hurried by urgent, soul-stirring music. Unhhhh’s behind-the-scenes staff kept Trixie & Katya intact as an important move by an invisible editorial team (simply called “Chris and Ron” on the show) as a sharp third character, adding Trixie and Katya Joking with the text on the screen highlights the awkward moment of sound effects.
Although many of the Queen Lara were praised for their illusion of turning them into beautiful women, they were a combination of Trixie and Katya’s bold visual aesthetics (Kaja’s jump between filmmakers and psychopaths in the ’90s) Coupled with their common ingenuity, they have fun on their feet and make them real stars. But on the one hand, a dedicated TV show is a work of artist’s dream, and McCook identifies a factor that makes the drag queen tricky spotlight: the entire self-procrastination is based on knowing that performers are not charming women they pretend to be. The “fraud” inherent in this process.

He said: “Dragging is dramatic imitation and irony.” The queen is not trying to be a star, we make fun of the stars, the queens are those who “point” to the stars, like the ABBA we’re looking at, Shy jumpsuit can go ABBA dance and “point”, but I can not be confused with ABBA, just like a Zen act.

As Trixie and Katya’s videos reflect (many have watched more than a million times), an unprecedented number of people – especially young people – are looking for, and more importantly, finding queens. Although a Queen’s YouTube video feels better than most to know how the Internet has helped to get the general public to get late-night homosexuality in history, Firkus concedes that even if he is surprised at the level of flourish in an elected country, President Donald Trump .
“Sometimes I let our background of political realities shape my perception of the possibilities.” Especially this year, I do not think there could be two queens performing this shit show could be one thing. ”
Unless you’re a professional queen or CIA staff member, you probably do not need to worry about something for your job: Carry a separate full-size suitcase for your wig travel; use Elmer’s vanishing purple Glue sticks to your eyebrows every day (because if you try to hide the hair on a foundation, they will look through like a zombie soldier). It’s important to hide your eyebrows so that you can draw better, more dramatic eyebrows. Makeup is almost as fast as eating. Like a Victorian lady into a corset, and then dance; place the triangular pad to rebuild your body shape without resorting to major surgery; wear eight pairs of tights while the huge discomfort (with a smooth filler The edges make it look less like stuffings); find someone to customize your cowboy boots as they do not wear the # 14 men’s pink cowboy boots; figure out how to balance your artificially enhanced frame with high heels.
“I fell off a stage and my shoes fell off,” Fix said, appreciating a pair of huge sour-heeled shoes. He and I are browsing a Williamsburg slippers store where everything looks cheap but unreasonably expensive – a pair of frail shorts for $ 150. “Dragging is dangerous and you are basically stepping on stilts, but the good news is that if you drag right, you’re so filled, you’re a dummy dummies.
Trixie usually performs three or four shows per week, either for a single stand-up or for a club appearance. This gives me a chance to ask Firkus a question that every man, woman, and child in America wants to know at some point in their lives: What does “club look” mean?
He said: “Last week I flew to Phoenix.” Once there, I went to the hotel, went in, went to the club, met everyone, changed my phone number, gave my music to the DJ, took the stage , Make my first number “- the number here means more than” I’m a horrible homophone, so I will make a two-and-a-half minute number and then I will say for 15 minutes, do stand up and then I will change, then I will be the second number, and then I will make a meetup, usually between 75 and 125, and then go back to the hotel to sleep. I will do it twice a week. ”
How about the rest of the work schedule?
“I’m going to hang almost everyday, whether I’m on stage, YouTube or TV, or the news media. I do not usually take a rest for three weeks. One day I take a day off. I use it to clean my trailer room. Usually I just Go home and open the trunk, fell to the ground, because it is difficult to keep up with it and leave.
Another thing about Brian’s work: It’s very time consuming. The process of becoming a Trixie Mattel takes about three hours, which means he takes three hours a day to get ready before he can get his job done. Mostly for make-up, Trixie wore much more than average or even above-average women, making makeup more than Kelly Jenner. The result is not only expensive (though, thankfully, tax-free) but physically painful.
“My eyes always feel uncomfortable wearing so many makeup and adhesives. I use black eyeliner at least once a month. I wear 14 to 16 eye lashes at once and seven pairs of lashes at my fingertips. All stick to your eyes, my fingertips will be [false] nail tingling.
Because Firkus is allergic to metal, he must wrap his clip earrings with medical tape. To get Trixie’s iconic volcanic eruption, he must nail a 10-pound wig over his head. Then there is a sagging breastplate.

In Trixie’s GQ photo shoot, I was allowed to try out her peach, double-D, slightly cool and thick breasts. They hang loosely from the thin, crisp, tan silicone bib that secures the back of the neck and are designed to sit on the skin. They are oval, oval, hovering between “natural” and “perfectly unnatural,” with two perfectly round, dark pink nipples standing with permanent help – I’m trapped in the flesh No bra erectability. Bibs weigh about eight pounds. I am a man with a pair of breasts hovering around the “natural” and “too perfect, natural” spot and find Trixie very nervous about my neck.

“This is a lot,” admits Firkus. “But it turned out to be an unpleasant white noise, I did not really feel my eyelashes, because all things hurts and hurts all of a sudden and, strangely enough, the pain makes you feel good Because you know how powerful the image is, your waist is 6’4 “and his palms are facing each other until they hover over an inch. “You know, you took the air out of your room as you walked into the room. In a good way. People like it. Your waist is beautiful. I like it and I feel pretty. If I sit down and feel I was not dressed as a woman, I dressed as a woman comic cartoons. In addition to resistance, I am completely witness protection program, just as I saw the murder, no one knows who I am, because I see It looks so different, and I look like Forrest, the shape of the body is different, the face is different, the height of the hair.
The height is probably something you might not guess because dragging is the master. When you see Trixie on television, your mind will reduce her to the size of an average woman.
“In real life, I’m going to pull out a cheap wholesale corsets, just six feet tall.” Among her men’s No. 14 pumps, Trixie can outperform most supermodels.
All of these efforts have brought a dilemma: we were taught from an early age, and it was impolite to look at people. So should we feel guilty about studying the queen’s appearance closely?
Firkus shook his head. “When I was in trouble, I did not always want to talk to others, but I enjoyed being watched and nobody put so much work where they seemed overlooked.
The 2017 American culture shines with the influence of homosexuality. Last spring, television viewers felt the drag on when RuPaul’s Drag Race converted LGBTQ niche Logo TV to mainstream VH1. However, more often, this bleeding is less obvious. Through the infiltration of social media, the terminology invented by colored people decades ago has now become so deeply rooted in the vocabulary that even Viacom, a multinational media group, feels it can be dumped in corporate Twitter, honey, and IELTS they. Women are turning to the Queen for tips on how to look like women: outline, a complex shading technique that creates an illusion of reshaping the face, dragging down the likes of makeup trends, and is enjoying peak popularity so early adopters Kim Kardashian West can sell four small squares of slightly different brown powder for more than $ 50.
However, even on television channels, more and more television channels, some continue to treat them as entertainers of the other audience. So here’s the most important thing about resistance: It’s fun and interesting. It is fun to watch people who like to have fun. It is relaxing. Damn it close to the sanctuary, in a spectacular way of vintage entertainment. Its appeal is wide. (How widespread? American Film Institute announces “Enthusiasm” – a comic movie starring Marilyn Monroe in 1959, opposite the two men dressed in women – this is the most interesting American movie ever) . By avoiding drag, visual effects, and hindering your ability to learn new slang in time – you miss a good time.
Firkus remembers the first queen he had seen since childhood: Rupaul in Brady Bunch Movie.
He said: “I know she is beautiful, I know she is not a woman, I know I may not ask this question.
Although dressed as a nightmarish kid’s toy in New York City and Los Angeles, Philcus grew up on the Silver Cliff in Wisconsin with a population of 483. He is Ojibwe’s mother, but he describes himself as a “weakened Caucasus.”
“My accent is about the same,” he said in a conspicuous Wisconsin accent. “I came from a dead-end dirt road, like a log cabin, and I’ve never seen living in rural areas more than I. When I was about 12, there was no indoor pipe in the house.

Firkus’s first experience was produced at the University Produced by Rocky Horror Picture Show in Milwaukee. The name “Trixie” is a tribute to the person he describes and is a taunt to a stepdaddy who, when Firkus thinks Firkus’s behavior is “feminine”, Firkus casually calls him “Trixie.” After graduating from college, he turned to acting as a source of income, and soon after, he started Trixie Mattel’s character. (“The reason people want to be a server is the same: you can choose your shift, you can make money, it’s Milwaukee – my rent is $ 400, and I’ll rent my rent in a week.”) Barbie themed Firkus said the character, part of the business decision, is intended to pre-scare the audience’s nostalgia.
He explained: “Everyone has a relationship with the proportions of palettes and Barbie, and a large part of what they like is familiar to them.” It gives people a warm fuzzy, even if you do not play Doll, you too. I know this reference. I know what I am looking at. This is a way for my audience to be rooted in me. Just when they saw me, they were like Barbie!
“When I was young, I wanted a Barbie really bad, but my mom compromised, she gave me a Ken, boring.” He laughed and added, “Plus, if you’re scared I’ll be gay , Then let me be a muscular man’s doll, I can take clothes away from the clothes, this is not a real strategy.
Today, Philkos described his family as “not against homosexuality,” but added that he sees them as “more strongly proud” of his brother, “three Iraqi veterans and a lawyer.”
“For me, teasing jokes on TV, they’re like ‘alright.’ I think the money is better than anything.” (After the game, Firkus earns thousands per appearance Dollars, “plus the merchandise,” he added, in a methodical and candid manner with accountants.)
Dragging is understandable, because dragging is adorable. But I asked Firkus if it made the drag so cute?
“Stupid,” he said affectionately. “Dragging is very stupid, do not do it unless you’re going to do it to the highest level, you give up all the privileges when you drag it down, basically wearing a chicken suit, no matter what you do, The audience is like that, well, he did it for us and this one is for us. ”
He also pointed out that luxury clothing is a precedent for historical comedy.
“Joan Rivers and everyone, when they like people, they wear gowns and suits, and I think when you get onto the stage it’s a way of telling the audience that you respect them, and you automatically let the audience take root. For you, because from the second step onwards, the viewer wonders what you’re going to do next, and they want you to succeed, and dragging is a buffer, a way to win the audience in the first two seconds. Very comfortable, they have a lot of wheels so they can only laugh.
He added: “People do not know they always see the drag.” Melissa McCarthy plays Shaun Speyside, Dana Cove plays the church girl is dragging, Taylor Perry plays the horse Dinah is dragging, Dolly Parton is dragging her tits, corset, wig and make-up … “He’s gone.” For homosexuals, this is still just a gay idea It’s like saying that I should not listen to hip-hop because it’s black, it’s the same, you’re just beginning to listen to half-a-do When Eminem starts to do that, what’s hip hop music? You just mark a piece of art based on the source of the music, a form of art born in the gay world, but you do not need to like it, it does not make you homosexual. ”
“Trixie & Katya Show” is probably the first (weird) experience that our viewers will see, “Firkus simply added,” maybe even the last one.
But the truth is, Firkus is confident. When your daily routine involves walking into a room and pumping out all the air (“in a good way”), that confidence becomes your self-confidence; be sure to stand on the stage, using an industrial strength The Velcro strapped your eight-pound breast around your neck to sing your voice (Trixie is also a country singer, by the way). This kind of confidence comes from tens of millions of opinions on YouTube. The only thing he does not want is to keep people from dragging on because they think their appeal will be lost.
“I think,” he said. “People will be surprised how much they love it.”

From God’s gift, make stylist life debut

The brand, which develops pajamas and accessories, will join lingerie brands Bluebella, Cheekfrills and Taylor + Rani with numerous fashion, beauty and wellness brands at the London Olympics on November 10 for a three-day event.

Gifts from God will showcase their best-selling black satin pajama set and new plum color (cheap wholesale corsets) during the festival run by designer magazines.

It will also introduce a soft bra set and a pack of three embroidered underwear.

A gift from God Creator Jane Reucroft commented: “This exciting lifestyle and lifestyle event is a great opportunity to meet end-consumers and get new fans looking for trendy nightwear and the perfect Christmas gift.

The brand has a dedicated social media campaign to support its presence in the event.

Tara Samvat, Social Media Manager, said: “We’ve created some fun interactive events on our booth to create great content for our social media platform, and after an unforgettable experience, visitors can go home and stay close to their nearest retail outlet Shop to buy “God’s gift.”

Australian designer Alex Perry creates new sexy budget fashion brand ALX for young women

This is the budget of Alex Perry.
Sydney designers have created a new brand in order to enter the fast-growing young market, offering extra sexy appeal without expensive price tags.
The new joint venture, known as ALX, aims to have young girls ready to party with a series of tight-fitting short dresses.
Designers even went to the “crafty” nightclub to see how young women were dressed.
Perry said: “The girls want to feel sexy, and you can not tell an 18-year-old girl to go to the night club to wear a dress.
“They want to be more provocative in tight dresses, and we’re doing it in a fashion style, and we do not want them to look cheap – we want them to feel cool, sexy and stylish.”
Creating a luxury brand takes decades to set up, but Perry is not worried about alienating current cheap wholesale corsets who spend as much as $ 3,000 on a lace dress.
“ALX is like launching a new business. It’s a different brand and aesthetics and will be put in a completely different store with a population of 15-25, so maybe one day she’ll be Alex Perry’s customer,” Perry said .

One of Alex Perry’s designs is part of his new line of fashion ALX. Image: Justin LloydSource: Australian News Corp
The first collection includes 30 mini-flounced dresses and bike-inspired denim from $ 195 to $ 450.

These garments are less expensive to manufacture by using less fabric and French seams and tights. The new commercial price will allow buyers to order more units quarterly.
Perry and bargain hunters to get the best satin crepe, floral silk and silk georgette fabrics, and under pressure.
The retail price of 200 US dollars for the skirt needs 50 US dollars. This includes extra costs such as shipping costs, shipping costs, buttons, zippers, linings, trim and cotton threads.
“You have to have a tight budget and stick with it.” At this level, there is a big difference for every dollar. If you save $ 5 on cost, you can save $ 20 – so every time you do that One step will affect the final price, “Perry said.
“We do not want them to look cheap – we want them to feel cool, sexy and trendy girls.”

Another cost-cutting measure is to make a simpler shape to allow mechanics to sew. These simple sketches take four hours – half the time of a Alex Perry dress.
Perry said: “Because of my experience in tailoring garments, we have a good look and dresses that suit a lot of people.
Perry is quietly optimistic that LBDs will sell thousands of units. The range will arrive in Paris later this month for buyer introduction and will take off in February 2016.
“I just wanted to let’s do it, we have to test the market, and then we can start looking at bestsellers,” he said, until we see what resonates at the retail level and we’ll know.
Ginger & Clever – AKIN

Sister Design duo Alexandre and Genevieve Smart created a proliferation line two years ago to enter the youth market.
This collection has short dresses, jackets and coats, geometric print designs.
Prices start at around $ 150.
Collette Dinnigan, Wild Hearts

The famous designer just launched the second Wild Hearts underwear series at Target.
This 60-piece set includes a soft cup bra and lace underwear.
The new style can be machine washable, starting from 15 US dollars.