Breasts, buttocks and nets: Portsmouth Uni Halloween gets NAUGHTY

The south coast classrooms are likely to be filled with students from Honduras today because their party’s funny patterns are there.

Some images were photographed with red wholesale sexy corsets, fishnet stockings and hot pants girl, enough to reveal the bare cheek show.

Others caught naughty undergraduates wearing salad police, rabbits and witch-like clothes.

About 5,000 students of the University of Portsmouth celebrate Halloween in some serious sexy suits. Carnival Carnival until the early Halloween party party.

Of course, the clothes were proved to be chosen with others, including a person who decided to completely leave his top.

There are men in tutus, women in wedding dresses and the other two dressed as unicorns.

Ghost makeup is also everywhere, chalk and false blood covered with carnival.

However, some obviously can not handle their beverages because further images capture students on the pavement.

On the one hand, the security rushed to the side of the scene, drunk, his head against the ground.

It is hard to imagine that you will have done too much work today.

Need a sexy Halloween dress up inspiration? Look through the gallery’s hotties.

Daily Star Online revealed before, Halloween Baby in the nightmare of the nightmare in the night of the best-selling throughout the country.

Party animals are hot in the streets of Newcastle, Birmingham and Leeds.

Despite the fine weather, short stature girls are also wearing a series of clothing, including the playboy rabbit.

Louis let her play in the song and dance, the old song premiere

The musician is heavy on a sexy nets, harnesses and cheap sexy corsets is a given – but it is also sparkling, hedonistic, somewhat off the surface that is completely thought-provoking. When I arrived in Cardiff at the Bord Gais Energy Theater in Dublin before arriving, I was blown away and still thinking after a few days.

Bill Kenwright’s work was directed by Rufus Norris and choreographed by Javier de Frutos. Music figures are very good, superb dance scenes, the story is profound. It shows why the song and dance show won the 13 Tony Award, including the original Broadway production of the best music.

The song and dance show about the unfortunate romantic story between the nightclub singer Sally Bowles and the bisexual American cliffs William Cliff Bradshaw, who had arrived in Berlin and wanted to find inspiration to write his novel. In this process, it solved the serious problems of the political climate in Berlin during the pre-World War II period when the Nazi regime began to make it feel.

The handsome Philadelphia Charles Hagerty brought the subtle and depth of Cliff Bradshaw’s role, and Cliff Bradshaw found himself suddenly involved in Berlin’s dance performances, smuggling and political decline. From his point of view about this story, and Charles – his mother came from Delhi, which was an important role. He lived and lived in New York for 17 years, and last year he married his British partner and moved to England.
In the song and dance performances, the relationship between the cliff and Sally seems to be moving towards marriage, and to the United States transfer, but eventually fall apart. Abortion and cliffs were beaten by Sally is one of the more dramatic events.

“It’s a lot of razzmatazz, and I will not call it light entertainment,” he said. “It’s meat, there’s something to say – it’s not just putting some great songs together , I think it’s one of the best musical plays ever, it’s an actor who plays a role-playing role material. ”

Of course, all the eyes are 42-year-old Louise Redknapp (Louise Redknapp), formerly the eternal girl band, they like Sally Bowles. Since the beginning of the tour in September, her premiere musical role has caused a lot of publicity.

This is mainly because it was revealed in the summer, her 19-year-old high-profile marriage to the football player Jamie Reid Knight is troublesome. Over the past few years, Louis’s performance career has risen in the series that appeared in the strict dance of 2016.

The Opera House was first held in Broadway in 1966, and Liza Minnelli played Sally’s role in the 1972 film edition. Her brilliant performance will be part of the musical into one of the most coveted part of the high heels in any of the people are arduous task. Although not terrible, and the players on the pitch Lewis is also training in the Italian Conti school, but in his premiere musical played a very good and strong voice, and explicit their own.

Although the Irish media interviewed Redknapp and Young was canceled one night before our flight because of a sudden “arrangement of the conflict”, Louis admitted in an interview in the UK that she had recently tried to avoid the film because the stage musical had different performance Sally Powers.

First of all, Minelli’s Sally is an American, and the original books and stage performances will be Sally as an English woman to Berlin, a star of the song and dance performances, and is Kit Kat Klub’s head.

Popular idol champion Will Young will be the ritual master at the club. He was nominated for the Olivier Prize in a production in the Western District in 2012. He also completely steals the program in this suburban area.

His character is pleasant and gorgeous and charming, but evil and threatening. It works very well and offers many lighter moments in the dark filled with sad and sad music.

To Susan Penhaligon in particular to sing the German host family, Fraulein Schneider and Linal Haft as Jewish fruit supplier Schultz.

They are destined to break the romance of your mind, playing well.

The production of the song and dance performances is recommended, but ready to go home dazzling, confused and provocative.

During her pregnancy, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s sex life is hyperthermia, the new sexy underwear

26-year-old Khloe Kardashian and 26-year-old boyfriend Tristan Thompson not let pregnancy prevent them from having a great and hot sex life! The nice couple is pulling out all the stops to make sure keep new and exciting, including some shocking underwear! “Khloe’s feeling is now very wholesale sexy corsets, she has never had such a big life, she has a lot of fun,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told. “She is in a full C cup and grow, she loves her pregnant body far.

She is still exercise, eat very healthy, so her confidence is very high, she and Tristan’s sex life has not slowed down, She intended to continue to do so.He had just put on a crazy underwear carnival, and during pregnancy in the bedroom and the house around to wear new things, down more than ten thousand dollars.You got the vast majority are not maternity dress, She walked through her robe and could even have a lot of corsets that had been inflated with her bumps, and she had a lot of herself, and she was so hot in the bedroom that they had a good time. “It sounds like the couple must know how to play Happy! See some of the best photos of Khloe and Tristan here!
Although they have not officially confirmed their pregnancy, there are reports that Khloe and her athlete boy are looking forward to a baby boy. Parents will first lead to pregnancy speculation in September, and 20-year-old Khloe’s sister Kylie Jenner, who is also expected to have a boyfriend of Travis Scott’s baby. 25. Since the news, all eyes have been consistent with the Caldasian stars to see when and how to reveal their happiness to the public.

In addition to her personal life, Khloe has been busy with her career and her Good American jeans line. Between the promotional activities and the publishing party, she has the time of life, for the young stars we can not be happy! We are ready to see how she balance mothers and working life in the near future.

Everyman Theater’s “Intimate Dress”

In 2015, the Everyman Theater created the award winning “Ruined” by the acclaimed playwright Lynn Nottage. Tazewell Thompson Command and Actors Jade Wheel, Bueka Uwemedimo and resident company member dawn Ursula is an actor. Thompson Managing Director and these talented actors have been reunited for Everyman’s current production, another famous Lynn Nottage drama “Intimate Apparel”.

Dear costume is the story of a woman named Esther. It was 1905 and 35-year-old Esther lived in houses with other single ladies. She is a skilled tailor, making her life create beautiful personal clothing – complex details of corset, underwear and underwear. Her talent only her own decision to match, which is very good for her. Her clients range from a high society, Fifth Avenue Lady who wants a baby, a tough prostitute, and one day to become a big dream for a pianist. Esther has his own goal. She has spent the money for nearly 20 years, opened a beauty salon, black women can relax, like the community ladies as favored and treated. But she also dreams of getting married. Worried that she might have found a good man to marry may have been too late, and she was surprised when she received a letter from the potential followers of George Armstrong. Could this be the one she is dreaming of? She was looking for a few months to come back to Panama, where he had been working on the new canal, and George came to New York, and his mind was married.

The dawn of Ussula plays Esther, this is the best performance I see. Esther is the heart of underwear; all around her and her relationship with other characters. Wusula’s performance is glad to see; she uses the power and quiet dignity to make Esther God through her life’s happy and trial,

Bueka Uwemedimo good at playing George is both the joy and trial of Esther. In their sweet emotions courtship process, Esther and the audience fell in love with George. Uwemedimo exudes charm. He has a confident position; a wide, armed smile; and a musical and male voice, his melody Barbados accent in dialect coach Gary Logan under the guidance of perfection.

Through a series of clever exchanges, reveal the contents of the couple letter. Composed by a group of complementary designers – Donald Eastman’s versatile designer; Stephen Quandt’s meaningful lighting; David Burdick’s top fashion (even scene changes Fabian Obispo’s sound design makes us from railyard to tropical rainstorms and the good use of Jillian Matthews – these elements combine to effectively render Esther of New York and George of Panama.

And Wusula in the center of convincing Esther, her relationship with other people like the wheels on the spokes. When we learned her story, Playwright Nottage’s grandmother’s real life story, through which we reminded most people of the story – especially African-American women, such as Nottage’s tailor. Drama and victory, heroism and villains, have lost their history.

Through Esther, we met Eds had lived for eighteen years of the host family. Mrs. Dixon, only half of them. Jenn Walker plays John Dixon, who are long friends and busy landlords.

We are also familiar with a boring South Bayer (Van Buren) couple, he is a resident company member Beth Hylon (Beth Hylton) flawless actor, he married a wealthy man, her worry is because you can not continue to pregnancy And wandering. Esther offered her wholesale sexy corsets lingerie, including corset Van Buren found a delicious scandal because she was a twins in the city center club for “singer”.

Plum singing, but she let her live in the “oldest career”. Jadeite plays an optimistic prostitute as an optimistic dreamer. Down but not out. Listening to Wheeler’s lovely voice, when she was in an old piano to accompany herself, you can believe that if plum was fortunate to be born in the United States in a higher class, she was eager to be a pianist Respectable job singer may have been fulfilled.

The last silhouette about the relationship of Esther is my favorite: her fabric supplier. Drew Kopas (Drew Kopas) for the last time as a pipa in the great expectations of the great expectations, playing the Roman Orthodox Jewish immigration Mr. Max, he will Esther’s fine lace and delicate fabric into a close clothing.

It does not take up to the most stages of time, but Mr. Kopas Mr. Max and Wesula’s Esther’s relationship between the attracted me. They are the spirit of kindness, sharing the understanding and appreciation of what others do not even notice – hand sewn on the Japanese silk, a piece of fabric lines, complex details of the lace pattern. His religion prohibits contact – even without a chaste handshake – the tension and sweetness of their feelings are obvious.

When Max and Esther must be involved in the company, there is no doubt that the long-awaited Kopas will show this effect, in part because of Thompson’s managing director of the time schedule. Not just Max and Esther’s wandering, quiet resignation, but in the whole drama, Thompson gave the story of space, and created a great influence.

If Vincent Lancisi thinks that if he brings together members of Tazewell Thompson and Jerede’s distinguished actors in another Lynn Nottage play in Everyman, the lightning will hit twice and he will hit The prize. Intimate clothing is beautiful and tragic, promising and heartbreaking. With excellent performance and beautifully coordinated design, Intimate Apparel is 100% worth over the “To Do” list. Despite that; it was closed on Nov. 19.

Inside the atrium garage street. The cost of attending the theater is $ 11.00.

Lynn Nottage will continue to write an award-winning drama – she was the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for the first time. Vinny will love someone, it will be a very safe bet, it will enter a Everyman season. He can even get wonderful performances from Intimate Apparel. But do you want to take risks? The answer is no. In addition, Esther’s story to listen. You should hear it.

In the funny class to find their own

When the three-year-old Rachel Roberts entered the dance studio, she felt her old self.

Every Monday night, Rachel and Blenheim’s Momentum Dance Studio adult funny classes together to participate in a group of other women, and towering the “mother” cloak, enjoy the happy time.

“And the mother is the opposite, you lose yourself, and you do not forget the child, then you have time to become a sexy woman again.”

Blythe is known as a provocative dance style, causing a playful, thriving online stockings, corset and bustling skirts.

Rachel said that funny music is undoubtedly “sexy” because she is more of a self-confidence about herself, her after the baby’s body, and through the movement to express himself as a strong but wholesale sexy corsets woman.

“It’s a separate dance, you can express yourself, just a little bit just mom, you think you’re doing something for yourself and bringing your old ones back.”

Rachel said that the funny wind has always been trying to dance dance, including taps and salsa, lifelong dance.

In her own daughter Kadie 5 and 3-year-old Harper, in his Momentum dance class, Rachel had heard Momentum’s funny class and decided to take the old hobby again after dancing for more than five years.

Go out of the door will be dedicated. In addition to raising Kadie, Harper and Willow, twenty months, 28-year-old Rachel, a regional manager for Marlborough skin care and cosmetics company Arbonne, and selling products through her Facebook page, her name is “Time for Me”.

The oldest work with Ben McLennan of Harcourt Real Estate Agency is that he and Rachel deliver emergency goods every Monday to ensure that she can attend classes.

“I let all the girls ready to sleep once he walks at the door, I’m just bolted.

In the classroom, Momentum Dance Company boss Jess Foley directed the course about four courses and blended different styles such as hip hop, modern music, Rachel said.

Jess said she wanted to see more adults trying to dance, funny or otherwise.

Rickel added that although potential customers seem to be daunting for some people, she encourages people to try and that these courses provide a supportive environment.

“I do not want to let anyone feel that they are being judged, every woman in this class is a completely different body, and if anything will help them find self-confidence, I’m really great for Jess It is very encouraging.

Rachel said that Burlesque also provided a good training

“Slower than other dance styles, but there is ups and downs, it is very decent, but not difficult.”

Eventually, Rachel wanted her to get the confidence she got from the funny dance to her daughter.

“I believe that if I show self-confidence, they will have confidence – even if you have to” fake it until you do “.

Megan Fox model underwear in the steam Frederick’s Hollywood sport Megan Fox (Megan Fox) in the Hollywood advertising campaign, a sexy new Frederick showed some skin

“Transformers” star for the underwear brand 2017 holiday collection of several fancy numbers. According to the official press release, the series collected a series of items, including tights, cosmetics, cheap sexy corsets, robes, bra and underwear. It also revealed that this was Fox’s first design cooperation.

In the picture, the fox imitated a variety of ensembles, including black, blue and red. The fan can also find her famous ribbed tattoo, which reads: “Those who are seen dancing are considered to be unable to hear the music of the people crazy.

Fox joined the company in 2016 as co-owner, creative partner and global brand ambassador. “Girl assault ninja turtle” actress in September that year released a “spiritual guidance” Marilyn Monroe photos.

Since then, the fox has shown her behind-the-scenes photo with the brand. She also mimicked a few times in August.

In addition, the actress in the Mexican city of Frontón Mexico’s Liverpool rebel department store department Fashion Fest autumn / winter 2017 fashion show, with a sexy black, beaded and tassel robe features.

In addition to being a boss, Fox is the mother of three children: Noah Shannon Green, 5 years old, Bodhi Lanson Green, 3 years old, Green River Tour 1. She also works with actor Brian Austin Green (Brian Austin Green )marry.

Love Fox looks like a fan can buy her collection in November and visit to buy sexy Halloween costumes.

Olivia Culpo speaks to women at the Chelsea Film Festival “Power TV”

Olivia Culpo chose a sexy Victorian underwear on Wednesday morning to discuss feminism at the Chelsea Film Festival “Women’s Power” group in Manhattan.
The 25-year-old PrettyLittleThing designer’s corset gave her the biggest split, and put her already a small waistline.
“Miss Universe” 2012 will be her black bust with matching loose pants with, by the designer Jason Borden (Jason Bolden) picked out the Louboutin kettle.

Corset – first introduced in France in the 1500s – limited women’s lungs and intestines, causing respiratory problems, constipation, bruises and rib pain.
As usual, the Olivia movement is perfectly silhouette, heavyweight make-up of the event, Lorna Vic style her smooth black hair Bob.

Whether you wear it hidden in a pure coat, like Olivia like to show off yourself, a cheap sexy corsets makes a serious sexy look.
The star was found in New York on Ulyana Sergeenko with a pair of tight pants, ferocious high heels and waist coat, giving us all a lesson in underwear as a coat of tide.
Regrettably, this structured individual can not be purchased online, but we have been around the rest of the other twists and turns to buy.
Go to ASOS, Stylebop, Tophop or Shoptiques for an affordable option. Wear your clothes to remove any lumps and bumps, or rock with a skirt or jeans to reproduce the star’s attention and seize the date.

“And I’m so lucky to be able to connect with you.We are really more powerful together than we think more. It’s an incredible moment to let us continue to develop and learn from each other, share our fight, not Security, ups and downs, and everything between the two.We now more than ever need the support of each other, I love you.
Missing from the beautiful side of the birth of Texas Rhode Island is her 20 months of “wake up” boyfriend, New England Patriots widely accepted Danny Monastery.
“He got this woman,” Olivia wrote Tuesday, the 31-year-old footballer.
Self-description of the “late Bloom” last week told the carnival, when people accused her of “doing nothing” when she was hurt.

“Those comments will certainly make me feel the tears of the project runway guest judge admitted that I was previously uneasy.
“I will definitely do so, and it will be easy for you to do it, and it’s easy for you to do it, and it’s easy for you to get rid of these voices and listen to yourself and move on. I did not do that, and I would not be as successful as me.

Culpo’s next girlfriend, Gretchen, a girlfriend of Andy Biersack, Ashland’s rocket in Saudi Arabia, opened Friday at the Prince Charles Cinema in London.
Has been at the American Theater thriller focused on a sunset rock band, and has a Golden Globe nominee for Malcolm McDowell, Dennis Richards and Drake Bell.

9 sexy lingerie costumes purchased on Amazon Prime Day

I went to Amazon this morning to think about what to buy, and then I realized that I really did not need a TV, mixer or golf club. I still want to buy something because I am a capitalist American!

As a writer of the date and relationship, I decided to look at what kind of sexy stuff was sold on Sunday. guess what? There are so many underwear! Thank you from the above blessings, goddess!

If you know anything about lingerie, you know it’s usually very expensive. The cost of the apartment is the same as the university tuition. If you want to buy some sexy things, such as corset or Teddy toys, but also to keep cheap, forget about it. However, Amazon chief solved all of our problems and today gave up a ton of discounts!

This is all the complete underwear series you need, from simple thighs to role-playing garments, all of which can be purchased on today’s Amazon premiere.

1. Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette

Sports girls and nostalgia lovers in the 1990s also need underwear.

For this bra, the lower price can be used to select items, colors and styles. However, there are good choices inside and outside the bedroom, and even can wear genuine jeans, lace skirts or high waist shorts at the top.

I can not think of a better day, surfaced on mycalvins.

2. piece of lace no cup bra and crotch pants underwear

If you are looking for more risqué stuff, then this is the way to go. However, you absolutely need to have a chest to make this bra work because it does not contain a cup and does not provide any support.

No cup bra and no crotch underwear means that you and your partner can fool when you keep an integer. So, while the underwear is usually as quickly as you said, but this set will give your guy a little more time to actually check you.

He should – see how hot you are! You bought him underwear for Amazon Prime!

3. Leg thigh fish net thigh high stockings

Not a thigh high underwear without underwear collection done. These are very cheap, so you can store a few pairs. In the bedroom, bedroom, halloween use them – use them anything!

Except may not be interviewed

4. Alexander Jacobs, T-shirt midnight ladies lace V-neck Teddy

Ok, so this teddy is nice to see, is this a very good deal? Comprehensive Disclosure: I want to buy one.

It has black, blue, pink, red and yellow – basically every color that can look to compliment anyone. While lace is still cheap sexy corsets, not too reveal at the same time.

Yellow is the color you can not see in underwear often, but it really will be popular, so if I were you, I would stop it as soon as possible – especially at this price.

5. Escond woman night reflection and hose

The baby also has a free return.

You can not only get richer (which is usually really expensive), and you can also get this stock of stockings. In addition, it is often hard to find a thinner for your breasts and provide you with chest support while this one offers both.

It also has a lovely lace panel in the middle that looks more elegant than it is like a Halloween costume – another problem you can meet sometimes with underwear.

6. Lady plus size lace keyhole and G string

In some underwear to show off your beautiful curves! And no better time to do it, because today only 30% discount.

This is a sexy, absolutely transparent, it is with Teddy and the following thong.

Hey, if you have it, show off it.

7. Jezebel Women’s Makeup and G-string Underwear Set

This really beautiful work is being sold today, it is also accompanied by a free return and a full refund as long as you do not take it back to wear and / or cover anything.

I like embroidery, when a person first sleep, it is a perfect thing.

What, i? Yes, I have been sleeping. I am beautiful and perfect.

8. Lady Cheeta-Luscious 3 piece Teddy

If you are looking for role play, then this may be your purchase. Like the BDSM to meet the dressing party.

Set with tights, neck and masks. Really great if you want to play? Zookeeper and naughty, escaped animals? I do not know; you make your own scene!

9.Cosabella woman box of love

Just because I wanted to pull a Gwyneth Paltrow and add some very expensive stuff on this list, it was a $ 500 heart-shaped box of underwear sold today 30%.

Fairly speaking, Cosabella is like the underwear of the Ferrari. So if you feel. ging, or if you are a good gift for someone who wants to make your girlfriend a good gift, this may be the perfect gift for the Amazon.

Now, please remember that if you are a major member, today’s sales of underwear has been a lot of sales, the vast majority of which are 30 fold, free return and shipping. So go buy!

This is the perfect time to create or add closets to your sexy time.

Triumph exciting sport

“It’s like the sauna in my stomach”: The waist trainer of the corsets wholesale meets with the suspected scientist

Made of latex polyester, which absorbs the waist, pulls the buttocks, but is more curved than the traditional object. The premise is simple: squeeze your body into a coveted curved female shape, like hell sweat, watching the weight gone, and your waist magically appear.

Before you open your eyes and whisper, take a look at thousands of homemade children in the social media, including Kim Kardashian and other celebrities, at least visually, the waist trainer The waist is a few centimeters away from the waist immediately.

Kinka daisy in corset.

Despite claiming that the waist trainer worked through “detoxification” and “metabolizing abdominal fat”, Maria Brusuelas of Amari Body in Hong Kong’s own waist training company guaranteed that the waist trainer was not a weight loss tool. “If someone calls me to want a 25 inch (63.5 cm) waist, I’m wrong to the company,” she said.

She explained that magic is to raise awareness of women’s body and build self-confidence. “Wearing a belt trainer is not a simple way to lose weight, but it can help women feel good about yourself and feel beautiful.

“Because the corset gave me a better posture because it made my body more carved, I kept realizing my body feeling that I was eating better,” she said.

Waist trainer can also be a “bumpy” – after all, she has three children, and means that the clothes fit, not close.

Maria Brusuelas said that wearing a waist trainer can help women feel good about themselves

But the waist training science is rough, the doctor has questions.

“There is an anecdotal proof that [waist trainer] has an effect on the waist … but there is no evidence that there is a permanent change, a person in a week to turn them off the opportunity can return to the original position, Dr. Nichola Salmond, a Chinese partner from Lauren Bramley, said.

She believes that the waist trainer can work by limiting the stomach to make it easier for you to feel full. However, “I do not think (corset) is very healthy because it may limit deep breathing and cause heartburn and constipation.”

Although Salmond admits the possible health risks, she does not agree with the strict demands of some doctors that waist training may cause organ damage.

As the corset given the muscles usually given the support, she also raised the possibility that conventional use may lead to weakening the back muscles and abdominal muscles. “But I think that if people use it for a few hours a day, I can not see it causing great harm,” she said.

Recently, 37-year-old Brusuelas has been using her waist training device to increase her workout results. Before the weight exercise, she applied the heated gel and then fitted the waist training device.

She said: “Like my sauna in the stomach, I took it after exercise, I was absolutely wet,” she said.

Brusuelas is exercising on the training corset.

Salmond refused this assertion, firmly opposed to using the waist trainer in the sport. She said: “in the corset more sweat, will only lose water.

If women are concerned about the weight gain around the torso, Salmond suggests taking into account other potential causes such as hormonal imbalance, such as excessive cortisol, estrogen dominance or insulin resistance.

Despite the helpless, Brussels has a lot of positive customers to witness, let alone their own results.

She said, on average, her clients were about two to five centimeters around two weeks later, but for the full benefit, it took six weeks to change the way of life to maintain the new numbers.

I decided to do my own test. I ordered a small Amia Active Band Waist Trainer from, but after the first few puffs, I returned to the online order of the second trainer. Finally I was ready for a two-week trial.

The first day of discomfort is really uncomfortable I feel a slight dizziness, I only used for about two hours, and then tear the corset, let it all hang up, take a deep breath. The next day is similar to the pain of the movement.

But to the third day, I have a little break. Maybe the corset has been stretched, or my waist has been minimized, but I found myself wearing a corset for four hours, relatively comfortable. On the fifth day, I’ve been up to six hours and tightened the tight corset on the tightest hook.

To the eighth day, I have relaxed to the smallest hook. I began to wear a tight corset – the dog walking, to see the dentist, and a girlfriend to drink coffee. I even tried to wear it running, but had to admit that it was a breathless movement that I did not want to repeat.

At the beginning of the trial, my waist was 71 cm. After two weeks of weight training, training corset comfortably reduced to 69 cm to 67 cm. This is not a huge loss, but given my relative size (164 cm and 57 kg), it is worth noting. I seem to have more contact with my stomach more often and are more aware of my posture.

When presenting my results, Salmond asked: “Have you made any other changes? Eat more exercise?”

There is no consciousness but the truth is, as Brusuelas suggests, wear a corset – when I can finally breathe, I start to enjoy it and let me feel like that. My sporty shape does not have too much waist, there are some things that give the power and feminine swaying the hourglass image.

Brusuelas attributed her improved posture and thin waist thanks to the use of corset during training.

Salmond admits the potential psychological impact. “But I have a problem, a woman had to make her body become a certain shape, whether it is thin or unusually small waist.

She is particularly concerned about the rise in the incidence of young women who meet certain physical shapes and the incidence of anorexia nervosa.

Brusuelas admits her latest accessories “will be hatred”. “We have commented that we should teach women” love yourself no matter … “But when we get the customer say they put on a dress because of the terrible muffin top, feeling good, that’s why we do we do Of things.

“Is not every woman is born with a belt.If you want to make her more confident, or let her back to the gym, it is not a good thing?

Why women can not accept you can be sexy, smart and feminist? A (somewhat provocative) request from a historian of Oxford University

At least once a week, I received a brutal e-mail informing me of my shame around the world. Depressed, they mainly come from women.

I am called tart, I can choose clothes. Last week, I never met a lady wrote to me, that I single and can not tolerate her husband because I spent so much time in high heels wandering.

My personal life relationship with this woman is a mystery, but did not stop her from advising, if I dress up even worse, I will improve my chance to meet a worthy respectable who is willing to stay with me. Only she said so much, so much, and not very polite.

Another woman often writes, to know why she should care about my thoughts, accusing me of sleeping successfully. Even if I speak the way – obviously, I am annoying “breathing” – is considered a reason why women hate me.

My crime I dare to call myself a feminist, while indulging in such as high heels, designer clothes and decent haircut so reckless happy.

I am a supermodel, but it seems that the effort looks good, different from the feminist principle or a scholar (I am a historian of Oxford Education, published five European Renaissance editions).

In short, I obviously should be out of my investment money and efforts to feel guilty. As if to become a feminist, means that you will not be sexy.

I will not fall like this on the bed. Now I can afford it, and I work with a personal trainer four times a week to feed the daily green juice addiction and spend more money than I used to recognize face cream in “Space NK”.

But I am proud to be able to do women and smart, why should not it?

Should we live in a culture that encourages women to celebrate their own culture, is the body’s confidence considered to be empowered?
I do not have any feeling of undressing, because I want to explain this feminist look.

It is bold to admit that I like feminization is absurd and my politics is compromised. Regardless of feminist shape, age or size, feminism means that all women are physically accepted.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a double standard here, because it turns out that my body does not conform to the politics that I have in the minds of many women.
I am far from being alone. Earlier this year, a notorious feminist Emma Watson held a brilliant photo of Vanity Fair. However, just a few months ago, another actress, Lena Dunham, actress, in terms of women’s equal rights is the same principle, but also nude shooting, this is Harper’s market.

Lena was praised by her strength to reveal her body. There is no feminist anger.

Why different responses? Frankly speaking, there is no better reason than that woman – Lena – For the traditional benchmark, the more attractive woman should look like the other – Emma.

The fight against feminism is really more fun to fight, rather than using so much sulfuric acid to interchange.

Women’s body is particularly contradictory by the law and order of other women, especially women who demand equality are paramount.

As a historian, my appearance was a slight fluctuation when I released a new book, as if a person with a background could not be beautiful and blonde and should be taller than Net-a-Porter Things are consumed.

But certainly there is no hatred of the dissatisfied scholar’s message. When I decided to write a novel “Maestra”, things changed, and his heroine did not make any sense to her sex. There seems to be no “no feminine” about sex in an open, honest and realistic way.

Maestra and its sequel, Domina, published in 43 countries, marked the spectacular background of the books I had written before, but their success caused astonishing personal abuse.

They are part of the trilogy – a confident and clever actress Judith, just ferocious sex. I described her sexual contact in detail.

The reader either loves or despises the vicious Judith, and her way of her sexuality so straightforward.

Amazon readers are divided into five-star carnival or anger. “If I did not buy this book on the Kindle, I would burn it,” is my favorite bad comment. That’s good – writers can not expect a positive response from the wholesale sexy corsets.

But what I find disappointing is that some critics argue that serious critics split Mastra into feminist reasons and make me look part of the equation.

In the New York Times take Janice Maslin. She pointed out my academic background after the pain of Maestra, and claimed to have left history, trying to “give my inner baby a voice”.

How can this woman believe that it is possible to criticize this book from the feminist point of view, first of all against the author, turning me into a “baby” that is beyond me.

In fact, I am a woman in the fictional work written about sex, seems to prove my own private life of the review. Reporters asked to know that I slept a few people, to explore my sexual orientation.

In Europe, this book was taken seriously, and no one in the UK asked me if it was a social irony, a political comment on elite rule, or an unrestrained recreational activity.

They want to know my divorce, my boyfriend, how much autobiography about this book – God forbids a woman writer to be able to invent something.

It’s like a school, I’m bullied because it’s pretty and smart.

The attack on my teens is vicious. I became retired and secret, spent a few hours crying in my room. At that time, I now like the fashion is a form of escape from real life. I swallowed the fashion, through their pages will be transported to their own different world. My bully has left their mark. I had a big reaction to the confrontation, and when I had to talk on television or appeared on television, I found myself trembling and vomiting.

At least then the girls rushed at me and knocked my head on the brick wall – really so bad – bravely attacked me personally.

The attack on my teens is vicious. I became retired and secret, spent a few hours crying in my room.

At that time, I now like the fashion is a form of escape from real life. I swallowed the fashion, through their pages will be transported to their own different world.

My bully has left their mark. I had a big reaction to the confrontation, and when I had to talk on television or appeared on television, I found myself trembling and vomiting.

I do this because it is part of my work, and because there is still some part I think I have to prove something to my defender – I have never been, and will not be a victim.

In Mastra, Judith replied that men were objectively sleeping with them and then killed them. My own response is more stupid.
We are fortunate to live in a culture where women win the freedom to lead political parties, pursue any profession, and make an unbiased sexual choice.

But even for feminists, our values ​​are unreasonable.

When did the last man’s victory be covered by his sexual attraction or hair?

So why do women continue to collusion with this rubbish and calm our own and our egalitarian beliefs?

Last year, when I promoted my first book, the two female friends came to help me choose what to wear.

“I do not want to wear this,” I said, lifting a practical middle dress and a boring gray tweed jacket.

“I do not want to look very wise. I want to look very strong, elegant – maybe a little sexy.”

“You can not,” my two friends answered unanimously. “Everyone will hate you”, I remember when I tried Yves Saint Laurent sequins cocktail dress angry.

But they are right that makes me realize that before we stop judging each other, a woman will never be as free as a man.