We women have so many and we will never have enough. I’m talking about sweatsuits and sheath dresses, two very useful items, which are used for totally different commitments throughout the day! The suit is very comfortable, ideal for playing sports but also to complete the day’s commitments that do not require particularly elegant clothes, such as shopping, taking the children to school, etc. The sheath dress, on the other hand, is suitable for more elegant life situations, such as a cocktail with friends, going to work, or an elegant dinner.

Today we will get help from the Suppliers worldwide Feelingirldress to find the trendy and fashionable garments!


It is customary and necessary to wear a sweatsuit on all those occasions when you want to feel comfortable and at ease and the situation allows us to be not too elegant. If you are used to thinking that the sweatsuit is the classic dress that can only be shown in the gym you are wrong: in recent years and in the latest fashion collections of great designers, this garment has had enormous luck, thus coming out more and more from the places of fitness, to conquer many other employment opportunities, to walk on the street or to meet friends.

When we find ourselves having to choose a suit, the first thing to take into account is definitely comfort, practicality and ease of use. Furthermore, in the choice of our suit, as in the choice of any dress, each of us must orient ourselves on the models that best suit us: in general, it is useless to necessarily want to buy the most fashionable garment, if it does not fit our physical aspect. But the golden rule that we must always keep in mind when dressing is that the important thing is to like yourself and feel comfortable with yourself: only in this way will it be possible to please others too. Inside the wholesale sweatsuits you will find a lot of solutions for all your needs!

Bandage Dress

On the Feelingirldress website you can find high quality bandage dresses at a great price! For any body type, in the bandage dress wholesale you can find clothes that suit you! Here is an example!

  • For women with a triangle shape, with a narrower chest and wide hips, the 1950s model with a narrow bodice and a full or corolla skirt is fine. For the day version obviously, you don’t need the tulle petticoats, but if you want to wear them for a party, they will be welcome.
  • For those with a circle shape, who have shoulders as wide as the pelvis and the belly that starts from under the breast, the most suitable dress is the flared one, the trapeze one, so fashionable in the 60s, but also a dress from high waist in empire style.
  • The woman with the hourglass shape: she will be perfect with a sheath dress! But for a less snug version, she also has a crossover or dressing gown dress at her disposal.
  • The bandage dress is the dress with which even women with an inverted triangle shape and women with a rectangle shape will feel at ease.

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