With the easing of restrictions, weddings have now returned. After two years of postponed nuptials, wedding bells are ringing nonstop. So if your calendar is filling up with invitations to the big day, it is time to start looking for wedding gifts.  Giving cash is always welcome but if you are looking for something more personal but not sure what to buy, well do read on for the best wedding gifts 2022.

A wedding gift holds more significance than a shower or engagement gift. It is a sign of celebrating with the newlyweds as they embark on this lifelong journey. The gift is an offering of your love and support to them.  Ideally, the gift should combine beauty and function, and it should be something the couple can use.

5 Best Wedding Gifts You Can Buy

This guide below will give you some inspiration on what makes a great wedding gift that will definitely leave an impression.

Mr. and Mrs. Door Mat

The newlywed couple can welcome everyone to their new home with this cute outdoor custom doormat.  It boasts their last name and the year they were married in a 3D velour embellishment. This nifty doormat is crafted to withstand all kinds of weather and it comes in three different sizes to accommodate various door types.

Marble Wine Rack From Anthropologie

This elegant wine rack will give the couple a place to store all their gifted wine. The white marble base holds a stainless steel rack that is available in silver or gold.  It can store up to six bottles. This wine rack is priced at less than $100 and has a luxe look. It will look good in any home.

Air Purifier

This air purifier has a filter that can capture 99.7% of 0.3 micron particles and can help to capture everything from pollen, dander and dust to the smell of grilling fish on the stove. The best thing about this air purifier is that it is not noisy at all. It subtly hums along as it does its job. This air purifier features a high and low mode, plus a sleep mode with a night light.

Couple Robe

This spa-quality comfort Parachute waffle robe is very soft and comfortable. Made of 100% Turkish cotton that gets softer with each wash, this waffle-weave robe will give the newlyweds that luxurious spa feeling.

Ralph Lauren Photo Frame

Elegant and sleek, this silver picture frame is an iconic wedding gift for a reason. It is the perfect way to put wedding pictures on display without overwhelming the photo with adornments. It is stylish with understated design elements that blend into almost any decor. This highly polished silver-plated frame the well-loved brand boasts craftsmanship and durability.

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