Just like how a new hairstyle or a bag can affect your look, a pair of eyeglasses can entirely switch up your look. If one of your resolutions this year is to try new things, you may want to give your frames a fresh look. In 2022, some people may still continue to work from home and during zoom meetings, only the torso-up view of the outfit is visible. As such, eyeglasses are one of the ways that can ensure your style is highlighted on the screen.

The 2022’s eyeglasses trends include a vast range of aesthetics and silhouettes. The focus is on three fashion-forward and easy-to-wear frame shapes and they are Aviator, Round and Super Size. Also expect to see frames that are in warm-toned tortoise prints, mixed materials and sleek metals.

Are you ready to check out 2022’s eyeglasses trends and find a pair that speaks to you? Scroll on to discover the leading eyewear fashion trends that will help you elevate your look.

The 70s Trend

The 70s maximalist style is having a huge moment right now and is coming to life in eyewear through oversized frames in a variety of shapes and color. Big, bold and 70s inspired retro glasses will be everywhere this year such as aviators reimagined in a modern style. If you are looking for a retro pair, add an updated twist to this vintage-inspired trend with an oversized frame in champagne color. Oversized frames are refreshing to wear as they offer wide uninterrupted view.

Cat Eyes

The cat-eye style is a tried-and-true classic and is predicted to be a significant eyeglass trend throughout the year. Its statement frame is the perfect finishing touch to elevate any outfit. The playful cat-eye creates a polished and fun look. If you prefer a more minimal look, opt for a sleek black or deep burgundy frame. If you want a statement piece, go for a playful multicolored tortoiseshell.

Round Frames

Round frames are quirky and cool. They are a standout option among the traditional oval and cat-eye styles. Round frames look especially great on women aged 50 and above. This stylish frame shape is great for longer oblong or oval shape faces. They lend a relaxed, retro vibe and look great as an everyday pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Acetate Frames

See-through and bright acetate frames are becoming the soon-to-be everywhere style throughout the year. Translucent colors are on-trend right now and there isn’t any specific shape. This means that you can choose transparent eyewear in any shape that you like.

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