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Some Best Nail Designs 2022: The Coolest Nail Ideas to Try

Every woman loves to have her nails done, and if they are decorated nails then even better! We know that when we go to the salon to have our nails done with a manicure, or even at home alone, we increase our high esteem. But tell me, are you on top of nail design trends in 2022?

Keeping up with fashion is very important and makes all the difference, but if you’re out of the loop, don’t worry, because in this article I’ve separated some nail designs to show you that in addition to being beautiful, they can be easy and you can do it yourself.

And I’m going ahead soon, this year we’re going to see a lot of shine on the nails, rhinestones, gradients, neon, lines, designs, single daughter nails, metallic, and many colors.

gradient nails

You’ve probably already wanted to do the gradient effect on your nail, it came back with everything in 2022, and it’s being asked a lot in manicures. If you want to do it at home, there’s not much mystery, the tip is to take a little piece of sponge, paint it in the two colors or more you want to use, and then tap your nails several times so that the colors mix and form the effect gradient.

nails with stones

The gemstones are super trendy too and I particularly love them! This nail design I would recommend this for you to put on that special event, such as a gala, a wedding, a 15th birthday party for example, it will look like you have jewelry on your nails.

To do it yourself is very simple, after passing the enamel underneath that you want, to glue the stones use the base colorless enamel, put small drops where you want to place the stones, and then just glue each one. The result is incredible and very daring.

vibrantly colored nails

Vibrant colors are also not left out, even more so by painting each nail a color! Gives an effect of a lot of personality and boldness! The nail design in the photo above requires a little more skill, ideally, you ask your manicurist, but if you think you can do it yourself, it’s important to have a very thin brush, the ones that manicurists usually use. First paint the entire nail in the lightest color, let it dry, and then take the thin brush for more precision and apply the darkest color on top, as in the photo.

nails by @pop_polished 

nails with lines

This is one of my favorite trends, nails with random stripes, with fluidity. I think it’s beautiful and it looks very stylish. You can bet on the colors, you can use just one, or several different colors, passing through one another.

If you don’t want to do it with a manicure and are going to try to do it at home, this is another design that will also require the use of a very thin brush to make the lines. At first, you may notice a little difficulty, but if you start to train, you will soon have a lot more mastery to make the lines.

Also, if you don’t want to do it on all your nails, the tip is to bet on the only daughter, it’s pretty cool and a little more discreet, in which case bet on more vibrant colors to give it a bigger highlight.

This nail design, in my opinion, is perfect in almond-shaped nail shapes, because it is more round at the tip and at the same time is longer, it combines very well with the lines, giving fluidity, charm and joviality to the nails.

each nail a color

Another option of the gradient is you do it from one nail to another. Choose 5 shades of the same color, starting from the darkest to the lightest, and paint each nail in the shade that is closest to the last one, this way you will get a beautiful gradient.

I’m in love with the one in the photo above and I already want to do it. These days I made it pink, and it was very cute! It’s super easy to make and you can do it yourself without any problem.

And don’t forget to bet on metallic nail polishes too, there was a phase in my life when I was addicted to this type of nail polish, I bought several colors. Metallic nail polishes impart strength and power to the nail design, it is more daring and shows that you have personality. In addition to metallics, we also have the boldness of neon nail polishes, this one is for those women who love fun and are cheerful by nature.

There are so many different nail design options that we are in doubt about which one to choose, it is also worth asking your manicurist’s opinion, as she is always on top of trends and will know which nail design to recommend you, according to her personality.

The coolest thing is that you can play with the colors and make various nail designs with your face. Try to do it at home too, on the internet we find numerous options and there’s even a tutorial to help us.

I really hope you enjoyed the tips, and let us know in the comments which nail design trend you liked the most.

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