As the leaves have begun to paint our towns in hues of reds and gold, its not just nature that gets a seasonal makeover. Our hair also takes center stage, getting the warm and rich tones of autumn. In 2023, the trend forecast for autumn hair colors is all about embracing the cozy vibes of fall and infusing them into our locks. From cinnamon color to maple syrup gold, here are the must have autumn color hairs that everyone will be rocking this fall season.

Smoked lavender

Lavender hair is not merely a color: it’s a statement, inviting individuals to embrace the unique and bold color into one’s personal style journey. This enchanting hue is expected to captivate our hears as a trendsetter in 2023. This smoked lavender color includes a delicate balance of pastel purple and silvery undertones, creating a mesmerizing and bold effect.

Beautiful woman with pink hair holds large bouquet with greenery and violet flowers

Mauve mushroom brown

In the ever-evolving landscape of hair color trends, this enchanting infusion of mauve and mushroom brown is expected to emerge as a sophisticated and alluring choice this fall season. This unique combination seamlessly blends the warmth of mushroom brown with the subtle dusty tones of mauve creating a hair color that is both contemporary and timeless. This hair color seems to be loved by all women because of its perfect balance between cool and warm tones, resulting in a shade that is complex and captivating as it is effortlessly chic.

Cinnamon copper

This fall the cinnamon copper hair color trend seems to set high the fashion industry with its blazing radiant color. This color infuses a rich warm tone of browns with a spicy kick of  cinnamon and lustrous gleam of copper, resulting in mesmerizing fusion that will bring warmth to any complexion. This shade reflects different tones in sunlight and at night providing you the enjoyment of two tones with only a single hair color. Whether you are after a subtle glint or a more intense blaze, this trend caters to the diverse desires of individuals seeking a harmonious balance between the warmth cinnamon and the bold allure of copper.

Beautiful woman in the studio

Mahogany red

The mahogany red hair color trend will be making waves as a rich and luxurious choice that captures the essence of timeless sophistication this autumn. This deep, opulent shade reflects the intensity of mahogany with the allure of radiant red undertones, resulting in a hair color that is both bold and at the same time elegant. It represents the image of aged mahogany wood, offering a deep, almost wine like hue that beautifully complements various skin tones whether short haired or long.


As the temperatures drop and days get shorter, let your hair be a reflection of cozy and vibrant spirit of autumn this year, 2023. Whether you opt for the spicy allure of cinnamon, the elegance of mushroom brown, the timeless charm of mahogany, or playful vibes of lavender, we are sure you will turn heads this season with these colors.

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